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by John - October 7th, 2015.
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GreenFingers added hundreds of new products

Fruit Seeds - Tomato Shirley F1 Hybrid

Fruit Seeds – Tomato Shirley F1 Hybrid £3.99
A popular early maturing heavy cropping variety for cold or slightly heated greenhouses with excellent quality fruit. Recommended for growbag culture with an open growing habit and resistance to TMV Cladosporium ABC and Fusarium 1 and 2.Sow in late winter for heated greenhouse cultivation or early spring for the cold greenhouse. Sow 6mm deep in a good compost. Germination usually take 6-14 days at 24C.Transplant the seedlings when large enough to handle into 8cm pots and grow on in good light and cooler conditions. When 15-23cm tall plant out 45cm apart in a prepared greenhouse border soil growbag 23cm pots or ring culture. Remove side shoots as they appear and pinch out the growing point when 5-7 trusses have been formed. Feed regularly once the first truss has set. Quantity: 10 seeds

World Garden - Giant Protea

World Garden – Giant Protea £4.99
A fantastic flower for exotic bouquets the Giant Protea also known as Honeypot or King Sugar Bush makes a fabulous ornamental addition to your conservatory. This unusual flower with its artichoke-like appearance of the flower heads has deep crimson red to pink spiky projections with a pale lilac coloured centre. It is a stunning perennial plant with 30cm blooms that produces a sweet nectar and is known for its long vase life in flower arrangements and it also makes for an excellent dried flower. It is usually grown in a cool greenhouse or conservatory in the UK and needs a special feed of magnesium sulphate and urea. Flowering period: Apr-JulSowing months: Jan-DecHeight: 1-2mQuantity: 1 packet of 3 seeds

Vegetable Seeds - Beetroot Boltardy

Vegetable Seeds – Beetroot Boltardy £1.99
This variety produces globular roots with deep red sweet flesh.The best choice for early spring sowings as the roots are extremely resistant to bolting.Sow from March to July very thinly in drills 3cm deep in rows 30cm part. When the seedlings are large enough to handle thin them out gradually to 10cm apart. The later thinnings will be large enough to use in a salad. Pull the beetroot when the roots are 2cm in diameter or larger. In mid autumn lift the remaining roots twist off the tops and use or store.Quantity: 400 seeds

RHS Childrens Seeds - Poached Egg Plant

RHS Childrens Seeds – Poached Egg Plant £1.69
Bees also love this low spreading carpet of fragrant golden and white blooms that will grace the front of the border rockery or path edging. This seed pack comes with instructions. Hardy annual.Height up to 15cm.Quantity: 150 seeds

Greenfingers Moncafa 6 Rattan Armchair & 150cm Wooden Round Table Dining Set

Greenfingers Moncafa 6 Rattan Armchair & 150cm Wooden Round Table Dining Set £569.91
An elegant mix of wood and rattan to brighten up your outdoors this Greenfingers Moncafa 6 Rattan Armchair & 150cm Wooden Round Table Dining Set offers plenty of space for tasty food and quenching drinks and is perfect for garden parties or celebrations. This superb garden dining set comprises 6 rattan armchairs and a wooden table that complements any style of garden patio or decking. It makes a great investment that is well worth the money for its durability alone. The excellent wooden table is made from Shorea balau which is often sought after due to its similarities to teak. This wood is certified by the Malaysian Timber Certification Council (MTCC) who aim to promote and encourage sustainable forest management. The biggest attribute of this wood is undoubtedly its strength. It is a class A hardwood and is renowned for its excellent resistance and wear which makes it ideal for garden furniture. It also handily features a central parasol hole should you wish to shelter from the sun.In a mixed black and brown colour the fabulous armchairs complement the table and come with cushions for added comfort. Manufactured from poly rattan which is a manmade fibre woven into a rattan style with powder coated steel frames these garden chairs are lightweight yet sturdy. They are attractive comfortable chairs that will stand the test of time. The cushions are fire resistant and made from 160g polyester which dries quickly should a sudden shower occur and are also easy to wipe clean.BS5852 Standard Fire Resistant cushions. Cushion covers can be removed for washing. Dimensions:Table: 150cm diameter x H73.5cmDistance between legs: 85cmParasol hole: 5cmChairs: W62 x D60 x H90cmSeat height: 41.5cmCushion thickness: 5cmLoad capacity (single chair): 163kgPlease do not leave your parasol unattended in the table especially during windy conditions. We also recommend that you purchase a parasol base for extra stability. Click here for Table Assembly Instructions. Click here for Wood Information. Greenfingers recommend that all furniture is protected during the winter months either by covering with furniture covers or by storing the furniture indoors.

World Garden Seeds - Olive

World Garden Seeds – Olive £2.99
The Olive tree is picturesque and has leathery grey-green leaves with fragrant small white flowers. It wil fruit when the plant is established. Ideal for decorating a summer patio or indoors as a houseplant. An attractively packaged product which will make an ideal gift for the keen gardener. The box includes a full cultural instruction leaflet. Half-hardy tree. Spread 1m (3ft) Height 1m (3ft)Please note that this product is the Seeds only the other items in the picture are not included.Quantity: 25 seeds

Flower Seeds - Polyanthus Pacific Giants Mixed

Flower Seeds – Polyanthus Pacific Giants Mixed £3.69
Everblooming and gigantic in size with flowers up to 6.5cm this very special mixture contains a good variety of colours. Recommended for spring bedding pots or naturalising in a sunny/half shady spot.Sow spring to mid summer in good seed compost. Sow seed on surface of compost and gently firm. Seal in a polythene bag or cover with a piece of glass and place in a shady spot but do not exclude light which is beneficial for germination. Keep the soil damp but not wet. Germination usually takes 10-30 days at 15-18C. Once most of the seeds have come up sprinkle a tiny amount of sieved compost over the roots to anchor them.Transplant when fairly moist and later plant out 23cm apart in the autumn where they are to flower in good soil sun or part shade. Flowers in early spring to a height of 30cm.Quantity: 30 seeds

Fruit Seeds - Tomato Tumbling Tom Red

Fruit Seeds – Tomato Tumbling Tom Red £2.99
This strain is specially suited to hanging baskets where its trusses of exceptionally sweet cherry tomatoes cascade over the edge of the basket. Tumbler is an early ripening bush variety which can also be grown in the garden and can give up to 2kg of fruit per plant. It is excellent for growbags tubs troughs and windowboxes too.Sow in spring 5-7 weeks before you wish to plant out. Sow the seed 1.5mm deep in good seed compost. Germination takes 6-14 days at 24C. Transplant the seedlings when large enough to handle into 7.5cm pots and grow on in cooler well lit conditions. Soil based composts produce shorter plants than peat based composts. For hanging baskets plant carefully one per 30cm basket leaving a 3cm space for watering. Water well and stand in a cool airy place until well rooted. Gradually acclimatise to outdoor conditions before hanging outside permanently after all risk of frost. Feed regularly and keep well watered. If planted outdoors space 60cm apart in moist well drained fertile soil and a sunny spot. This variety needs no side shooting.Quantity 15 seeds

Heritage Seed Collection - Beet Egyptian Flat Rooted Kahira

Heritage Seed Collection – Beet Egyptian Flat Rooted Kahira £2.29
Heritage Collection Beet Egyption Kahira is a flat-rooted beet with smooth skin and deep red tender and flavoursome flesh. Egyptian Flat has a very sweet flavour; it

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