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Making compost

by Diane - November 26th, 2015.
Filed under: Composting.

This video claims to make compost in four weeks.
When you watch it you realise he’s only putting a small proportion of compostable materials in with lots of other stuff – he builds a good worm environment which breaks the small amount of matter down fairly quickly.
I think the chopping he does is a good idea. I think the mixing with some real soil is useful – it’s full of bacteria and worms. And watering it with diluted urine is a good idea – it’s a great activator. All those additives – including spent mushroom compost, dried shredded seaweed, well rotted manure, worm castsm, etc etc – they’re already composted and you don’t need to add all those – you could be using those straight away and not worrying about what the worms are doing so much in your compost bin. He also says about not composting onions and citrus – which I disagree with, but it’s not the first time I’ve heard this. He says something about the worms trying to climb out of the bin because of it. Surely worms would go down through the ground rather than up?
Anyway it’s interesting to watch and might encourage you to finely chop your garden waste PLUS you get to see his secret muck heap which is amazing. I’d like to go picnic there too!