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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - November 26th, 2015.
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GreenFingers discounted the price of hundreds of lines today

Taylors Prepared Hyacinth Delft Blue -3 Bulbs

Taylors Prepared Hyacinth Delft Blue -3 Bulbs was £2.49 now £1.86
Taylors Prepared Hyacinth Delft Blue produce stunning soft blue flowers that are suited specifically for growing indoors and will fragrance your home beautifully. When planted before the end of September they will produce marvellous flowers from mid-December onwards. If preferred they can also be grown in hyacinth glasses. Hyacinth glasses are fun as they allow you to follow the development of the roots and the growth of the bud on a daily basis. To use place the bulb in the glass making sure the bulb does not touch the water. The roots will form and grow down into the water. Keep the bulb and glass in a cool dark place once the bud has formed it can be moved into the living room or any desired spot within your home.Hyacinth Delft Blue can be grown in almost any container using bulb fibre. You can plant up to 5 per container leaving the neck of the bulb protruding above the surface. Water then place in a cool frost free spot at a maximum temperature of 9C. Check weekly when the flowering bud is through the neck of the bulb bring into a warm light room at 18C. Keep moist but be careful not to over water.Quantity: 3 Bulbs Size 16-17Height: 25cmA handy tip: when growing in water a piece of charcoal will keep the water sweet.

Tom Chambers Bunny Garden Ornament

Tom Chambers Bunny Garden Ornament was £3.99 now £2.99
This cute Tom Chambers Bunny Garden Ornament makes for a splendid addition to any outdoor area and is an especially great buy if you have a penchant for either bunny rabbits or woodland animals in general. Detailed with lifelike features the realistic pose and slight smile promotes an all-round warm and friendly tone. Locate the Bunny within a bright floral pad or overlooking a sparkling pond or stream to re-create a nature-themed setting. Measures approximately L12 x W8 x H14cm.

Paint Your Own Wooden Bird House Kit

Paint Your Own Wooden Bird House Kit was £3.49 now £2.99
Great fun for your kids! This Paint Your Own Wooden Bird House Kit comes with 4 colour paint pots and a paint brush. It is a brilliant creative way to introduce your children to caring for wild birds and they will be proud to see their artistic prowess displayed in your garden for all to see. This ready assembled apex bird house is made from pine wood and will provide a safe place for wild birds to nest and give them somewhere snug and cosy to stay over the winter months. Try to place it in a quiet and undisturbed part of your garden.Putting up an artificial birdhouse will help future generations of birds and give you much pleasure derived from observing them. Birds are a very valuable source of natural pest control as they will eat a wide variety of insects. Paint colours: red green yellow and blueDimensions: W9.5 x D9 x H13cmHole diameter: approx. 25mm – suitable for for blue tits coal tits and marsh titsPlease increase the size of hole if you wish to attract larger birds:28mm for great tits tree sparrows and pied flycatchers32mm for house sparrows and nuthatches45mm for starlingsWhy not check out our Activities for Kids for more great ideas? Please click here to view the Department.

Replacement Candles For Angel Chimes

Replacement Candles For Angel Chimes was £4.99 now £3.49
There is nothing more frustrating than realising you have run out of candles when you want them most!This box of 20 replacement candles ensures you will never be short of candles for your Original Swedish Angel Chimes.Box of 20 candlesPlease Note: this product is for the replacement candles only.

Chapelwood FSC Classic Nest Box

Chapelwood FSC Classic Nest Box was £4.99 now £3.99
Using FSC pine wood in an alluring dark shade this Classic Nest Box from Chapelwood is multi-faced allowing access to a wider variety of birds. The front panel features a 3.2cm hole to accommodate blue tits but this can be unscrewed to reveal an open fronted panel to attract robins and similar sized birds. With a 1.4cm wall thickness for necessary insulation and the wood is ethically sourced from sustainable forests. The two faces allow you to experiment so you can have fun watching the different types of birds come and go. Excellent if you have plans to redecorate your garden in the coming season. Measures approximately H21.5 x W14.5 x D11.5cm. Please note: incorrect instructions have been put on the side of this box. Do not put anything in it – the birds will add their own nesting materials.

Hanging Gold Glass Pinecones 12.5cm - Set of 4

Hanging Gold Glass Pinecones 12.5cm – Set of 4 was £4.99 now £3.99
These lovely Hanging Gold Glass Pinecones will add vibrant colour to your Christmas tree.This set of golden pinecones combines the natural and the spectacular into a single beautiful Christmas ornament. Each ornament can be hanged individually or tied together into a garland with rope. Either way these ornaments are ready for decoration right out of the box. Dimensions: 12.5cm tallPlease click here for Christmas D

Christmas Rustic Reindeer Antler Trim Tree Decorations - Set of 4

Christmas Rustic Reindeer Antler Trim Tree Decorations – Set of 4 was £4.99 now £4.29
Unusual and eye-catching decorations these Christmas Rustic Reindeer Antler Trim Tree Decorations add a vintage style to your tree. These unique decorations will grace your tree beautifully and is a great way to introduce something different to your festive scheme. For the ultimate stylised scheme use two or three complementary colours together. String left over baubles to your swags wreaths garlands and table decorations unifying your d

Christmas Patterned Stocking 55cm

Christmas Patterned Stocking 55cm was £4.99 now £4.49
This lovely stylish Christmas Patterned Stocking will ensure your fireplace gets that festive feel and give Santa somewhere to put your gifts. Alternatively fill with gifts and treat that special someone this Christmas. Knitted with a grey-pink faux fur trim you can create an air of excitement as the countdown to Christmas begins and simply hook to the fireplace or to the end of the bed and wait for Santa!Length: 55cm Please click here for Christmas D

Chapelwood Suet Balls - 30

Chapelwood Suet Balls – 30 was £7.99 now £4.99
With this pack of Chapelwood Suet Balls you get 30 balls more for the price of 20. They are perfect for all year round feeding of your feathery visitors who will definitely keep on visiting if these tasty treats are on offer.Containing high energy suet with essential seeds and grains to help the birds have a balanced diet they can be fed from a scraps feeder or placed on a table or feeding tray. Due to an RSPB requirement these are not supplied with nets this is because the nets can be very dangerous to birds. Many are breaking limbs whilst getting stuck in the nets and also swallowing them this is a very common problem which we now hope will be avoided. Stay Fresh foil lined bag for increased quality. With disappearing habitats and climatic changes the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and the British Trust for Ornithology both recommend the year-round feeding of garden birds to maintain a healthy and viable flock of native species. Feeding requirements are greater in late autumn and winter when natural resources are in shorter supply and high energy levels are also needed during spring when birds are busy breeding and raising young. Once you have established a feeding regime do not disappoint them they will depend on you. Quantity: 30 suet balls

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