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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - November 26th, 2015.
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New lines at Suttons Seeds

Big Hug Tea Towel

Big Hug Tea Towel £7.98
Cotton tea towel, 48 x 73cm.

Garlic & Shallot Collection

Garlic & Shallot Collection £5.00
Collection contains large garlic bulbs that are very tasty and shallots which are robust with a spicy taste.Garlic Bulbs: Try our giant garlic, the best bulbs for the home grower – only bigger! Expect around 10 cloves per bulb: Champion White – Great tasting, very large bulbs. Fantastic variety, great for the British climate. Suitable for planting from October right through to April. Begin harvesting in July from an October planting & Champion Purple – Excellent strong taste with very purple skin. Grows great in any climate, even throughout a wet summer! Suitable for planting from October to January. One of the earliest garlics, begin harvesting in June from October planting. 6 Bulbs (3 of each variety).Shallot Griselle – A robust spicy taste that will not disappoint! Best planted October to mid December, it multiplies well to give a good crop of long, grey-skinned bulbs in June. Use green or dried for storage well into winter. Essential vegetables with a distinct flavour. Ideal for pickling as well as cooking. Easy-to-grow, undemanding crop. Always provide good yields. 400g pack.

Pepper Chilli Seeds - Barak

Pepper Chilli Seeds – Barak £2.49
An attractive plant whose bullet-shaped fruits go through various colour changes throughout the season. Ideal for patio containers or a sunny conservatory. Scoville rating approximately 50,000.Perfect for containers and potsEdible, ornamental that packs a punch!Bullet-shaped hot chillies

Pepper Chilli Seeds - Tabasco

Pepper Chilli Seeds – Tabasco £2.49
The main ingredient in the world famous Tabasco sauce. The upright pods are about 4cm (1) long. They colour from yellow-green or yellow to red when fully ripe. Perfect for greenhouse or a sunny sheltered spot. Height 140-150cm (60). Rating 30,000-50,000 SHU (Rating measured in Scoville heat units – SHU. The higher the rating the hotter the chilli.)

Pepper Chilli Seeds - Piri Piri

Pepper Chilli Seeds – Piri Piri £2.49
A small but hot pepper, used in the preparation of Piri-Piri sauces. They are 1-2cm (-) long and 1cm () wide. Great for pots on the patio or balcony. Height: From 30cm (12) when kept restricted in a 10cm (4) pot to 120cm (48). Rating 175,000-250,000 SHU (Rating measured in Scoville heat units – SHU. The higher the rating the hotter the chilli.)

Pepper Chilli Seeds - Hungarian Hot Wax

Pepper Chilli Seeds – Hungarian Hot Wax £1.99
Produces a good crop of 6cm (2) long fruits that change colour throughout the season. Ideal for patio or a well lit conservatory. Hottest at the yellow stage. Scoville rating approximately 2,500-8,000. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.Popular mild-medium chillies, 6cm longCan be grown in pots