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Great offers at suttons

by Diane - January 11th, 2016.
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Professional Wasp Kit
Wasp Bait – An extremely effective bait attracting most types of wasps. Does not attract honey bees. Ideal for use with our Wasp Trap.Wasp Trap – Sturdy and completely effective, and not breakable like glass, our Wasp Trap can be reused countless times and refreshed within seconds.

Giant Aerated Polythene Growing Tunnel
A physical barrier against harsh weather, birds and animals, aeration holes prevent overheating and allow access for pollinating insects and rainwater. The strong, long-lasting, soft green polythene retains warmth and moisture whilst preventing scorching. Its drawstring ends can be left open or closed. And, with rust proof galvanised steel hoops built in, the tunnel folds away quickly and neatly. Length 3m (10), width 60cm (2), height 45cm (18).

Haws Long Reach Watering Can – Green
A superb quality 5 litre long-reach, blow-moulded plastic can complete with an oval brass face watering rose and an interchangeable plastic down-spout.

Bright Eye Owl Spotlights
Made by one of the leading manufacturers of garden lights in Europe, these charming outdoor ornaments make a fun addition to any garden. Their huge eyes will capture your heart by day and light up your garden at night. Just position them in a sunny spot so that the solar panel charges up during the day, and the white LEDs (one in each eye) come on automatically when darkness falls (minimum operating time of 6+ hours when fully charged). And, as they’re solar powered, there’s no wiring and no operating costs! Designs will vary. 11 x 11 x 11cm high.

Easy Flower Grow Frame + FREE Sweet Pea Seeds
Now also available in a narrower width, prefectly designed for growing flowers. Made from durable plastic coated steel, these grow frames are robust and weatherproof. The easy flower grow frames include easy clip connections for cross bars with integrated hooks for additional netting. Ridged poles enable a better grip for plants. Size 1.2m high x 1.2m wide. PLUS a packet of our easy-to-grow sweet pea seeds that will smother it in deliciously scented blooms all summer!

Tri-Gro Kids Planter + Free Seeds
The fun way to get kids growing veg, fruit and flowers. Perfect for kids studying science key stage 1 & 2 as they can create their own patio garden and then get growing! What’s in the tube? A tri-angular planter yellow support frame (1.55m) with red topper, 2 sheets of fun character stickers, trivia fact sheet complete with jokes, facts and growing tips. Plus FREE packet of seeds!

Windowsill Kit
Windowsill kit contains:- 20 JiffyR Strip Windowsill Propagator x 3 – Easy to use – just add compost and water.- Summer Long Fertiliser – Make feeding plants easy by mixing this controlled release fertiliser in with the soil or compost when planting. The granules will release nutrients to the plants as required, providing feed throughout the following summer. All you have to do is add water!- 5 packets of different flower seeds from our range.

Bright Eye Frogs
As well as making an amusing addition to your garden during daylight hours, our Bright Eyes Frog is perfect for adding atmosphere and light to your garden after darkness falls, on the patio, in a border, or alongside a path. Simply position it in direct sunlight and the solar panel charges during the day, the two white LEDs (one in each eye) lighting up automatically at dusk (minimum operating time of 6+ hours when fully charged). It requires no wiring and costs nothing to run. What more could you ask for? Designs will vary. 13 x 9 x 13cm high.

Gnome Spotlights
Bringing gnomes into the 21st century, these cheerful fellows will not only brighten up your garden by day, but also illuminate automatically at dusk, to bring a soft, ambient glow to your night-time garden! Made from durable resin, they’re ideal for taking pride of place on a patio or deck, or nestling amongst the foliage in a border. Position them in direct sunlight and their integral solar panels charge during the day, providing a minimum of 6+ hours of illumination from the white LEDs at night. And there’s no fiddly wiring or running costs to worry about! Designs will vary. 12 x 10 x 13cm high.

Cell Tray Kit
Cell Tray Kit contains 5 x 12 Cell Trays with peat & lid.

Multi Pot Deal
Multi Pot Deal contains:- 15 x 6 Yellow Pots- 15 x 6 Red Pots- 25 x 51/2cm Brown Pots- 5 different packets of flower seed from our range- 5 different packets of vegetable seed from our range

Pea & Bean Netting + 2 packets of Pea Seed
Green Netting – Made from tough polyethylene, this 17cm (7) square green mesh net is ideal for supporting peas, runner beans, sweet peas and other climbing plants. 2m (6’6) x 10m (32’8). PLUS 2 packets of Pea seeds – Early onwards.A heavy crop of pods in pairs about 10 days earlier than Onward. Very popular. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Height 60cm (2′). Early Variety. W = Wrinkled. Can be sown in succession from March to June.Allow 60-120cm (2-4′) between rows according to the height of the variety. General sowing and cultural instructions are given on all our packets. Most varieties freeze well, but some are especially suitable. (12-14 weeks maturity.)

Pea and Bean Seed Offer
This great pea and bean offer includes 1 packet each of the following varieties:Pea Onward – Very widely grown in all areas. Heavy crop of blunt-ended pods in pairs containing plump peas. Excellent for table and freezing and outstanding for exhibition. Resistant to Fusarium Wilt. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Height 60cm (2′). Wrinkled seed. Packet contains approximately 260 seeds.Dwarf French Bean Borlotto Firetongue – Ideal for fresh use or as dried seeds (haricots) in a wide range of dishes. The seeds and pods are attractively mottled, and will last throughout winter if dried and stored in airtight jars. Packet contains approximately 110 seeds.Runner Bean Prizewinner – Good crop of medium length pods of fine flavour. Packet contains approximately 45 seeds.Pea Oregon Sugar Pod (Mangetout) – A superb Sugar Pea with long slightly curved fleshy pods which should be gathered young and cooked whole. Height 105-120cm (3-4′). Round seed. Recommended by the National Institute of Agricutural Botany. Packet contains approximately 245 seeds.Dwarf French Bean Sprite – Outstanding variety. Completely stringless, dark green round pods. 15cm (6) long. Suitable for freezing and organic growing. Packet contains approximately 130 seeds.

Propagator and Seeds
Contents: 1 x 12 cell tray with peat & lid. Plus an assortment of veg and flower seeds from across the Suttons range.

Grow Cloche
A pop-up cloche which creates a protective climate that stimulates growth of plants, as well as protecting against poor weather, birds, pests and chilly nights! Ground pegs included. 48cm (19) square x 57cm (22) high. Pack of 2.

Peat Pot Offer x 2
Easy to use – just add compost and water. For seeds or cuttings – transfer plant and pot direct into garden or containers. 100% biodegradable. Contents: 32 8cm (3) Jiffy Pots x 2 packs.

Mystery Plant
Its a mystery but you will be delighted with your wonderful potted plant. For just 5.00 you will receive a top quality plant, a living gift worth at least 20.00 from our current range. (Please note: Image is for illustration purpose only.)

Garlic & Shallot Collection
Collection contains large garlic bulbs that are very tasty and shallots which are robust with a spicy taste.Garlic Bulbs: Try our giant garlic, the best bulbs for the home grower – only bigger! Expect around 10 cloves per bulb: Champion White – Great tasting, very large bulbs. Fantastic variety, great for the British climate. Suitable for planting from October right through to April. Begin harvesting in July from an October planting & Champion Purple – Excellent strong taste with very purple skin. Grows great in any climate, even throughout a wet summer! Suitable for planting from October to January. One of the earliest garlics, begin harvesting in June from October planting. 6 Bulbs (3 of each variety).Shallot Griselle – A robust spicy taste that will not disappoint! Best planted October to mid December, it multiplies well to give a good crop of long, grey-skinned bulbs in June. Use green or dried for storage well into winter. Essential vegetables with a distinct flavour. Ideal for pickling as well as cooking. Easy-to-grow, undemanding crop. Always provide good yields. 400g pack.

Propagation & Tomato Seed Growing Kit
Grow your own tasty tomatoes with this Seed Growing Kit that contains 3 different tomato varieties and 12 expandable pots:Tomato Marmande – distinctive beefsteak tomato, delicious sliced for salads, sandwiches or cooking.Tomato Alicante – tasty tomato, reliable and easy-to-grow, good in salads, salsas and soups.Tomato Gardener’s Delight – sweet-tasting, bite-sized cherry tomato ideal for salads.ALSO included are 3 x 12 Cell Trays with peat & lid.

Propagation & Flower Seed Growing Kit
Grow your own beautiful flowers with this Seed Growing Kit that contains 3 different flower varieties and 12 expandable pots:Lobelia String of Pearls – Small bushy plants in a range of colours. Ideal for container growing. 10cm (4).Petunia Cheerful – Spreading plants with medium-sizede flowers of many colours. Perfect for the centre of a pot or basket. 30cm (12).Pansy Giant Fancy Mix – A Swiss Giant pansy, bearing large flowers, all with blotches at petal bases, in an excellent colour range. Height 15-23cm (6-9). ALSO included are 3 x 12 Cell Trays with peat & lid.

Propagation & Windowsill Herb Seed Growing Kit
Grow your own tasty herbs with this Seed Growing Kit that contains 3 different herb varieties and 12 expandable pots:Chives – delicious onion flavoured herb for salads, egg and cheese dishes.Parsley Moss Curled 2 – ideal for salads or garnishing.Basil Sweet – a tasty herb superb with tomato dishes.ALSO included are 3 x 12 Cell Trays with peat & lid.

Propagation & Garden Herb Growing Kit
Grow your own tasty herbs with this Seed Growing Kit that contains 3 different herb varieties and 12 expandable pots:Basil – a tasty herb superb with tomato dishes.Thyme – fragrant herb for use with poultry and other meat dishes.Coriander – use leaves or resulting seeds in curries and casseroles.ALSO included are 3 x 12 Cell Trays with peat & lid.

Propagation & Patio Salad Seed Growing Kit
Grow your own tasty salad with this Seed Growing Kit that contains 3 different varieties and 12 expandable pots:Tomato Gardener’s Delight – sweet-tasting, bite-sized cherry tomato ideal for salads.Cucmber Marketmore – a tasty item for patio or garden growing.Lettuce Salad Bowl – for patio or garden. Pick leaves as required.ALSO included are 3 x 12 Cell Trays with peat & lid.

Vigoroot Table Garden
The Vigoroot Table garden not only looks the part on your patio it will also produce healthier plants due to the Vigoroot liner. The Vigoroot liner will air prune the root tips naturally encouraging a strong fibrous root system. The improved plant root system will then absorb more nutrients producing higher yields and increase resistance to harsh weather, disease and pests. With an attractive steel frame, the Vigoroot Table garden will take pride of place on your patio or decking and will give you years of use.Vigoroot Table Garden measures – 1.18m (3’10) wide x 60cm (1’11) deep x 80cm (2’7) high.