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Rob Smith Heritage seeds at Dobies

by Diane - January 11th, 2016.
Filed under: allotment, Dobies.

Rob Smith says: I have a real passion for heritage veg. These are varieties that have stood the test of time and produce amazing crops. They are also what my grandad used to grow, that taste takes me straight back to helping him in the garden as a child. Dobies really understood my passion and enabled me to create the new range of Heritage Veg Seeds and Plants which will excite keen gardeners, old and new.

Kale Seeds – Red Russian £1.99

Onion Seeds – Borretana £1.99

Pea Seeds – Blauschokker £1.99

Tomato Seeds – Red Currant £2.49

Turnip Seeds – Manchester Market £1.99

Beetroot Seeds – Albina Vereduna £1.99

Cucumber Seeds – White Wonder £1.99

Tomato Seeds – Yellow Currant £2.49

Dwarf French Bean Seeds – Rocquencourt £1.99

Radish Seeds – Long Scarlet £1.99

Basil Seeds – Lettuce Leaf £1.99

Squash Seeds – Honey Boat £1.99

Leek Seeds – Lyon Prizetaker £1.99

Cornichon Seeds – vert petit de Paris £1.99

Pea Seeds – Lincoln £1.99

Lettuce Seeds – Crisp Mint Romaine £1.99

Sweet Pea Seeds – Patriotic Heritage Mix £4.00