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New products at John Lewis

by John - January 23rd, 2016.
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New lines today at John Lewis

Kew Gardens Oklahoma Nest Box

Kew Gardens Oklahoma Nest Box £14.95
 This Kew Gardens Oklahoma Nest Box is slate roofed and designed as a general purpose nest box for species such as Nuthatches, Great Tits, Pied Flycatchers, Tree Sparrows and House Sparrows. Site 1.5m high facing between North and East to avoid direct sunlight or the driving rain. This nest box has a cleaning flap and drainage holes.

La Hacienda Oakland Premium Fireplace

La Hacienda Oakland Premium Fireplace £189.00
This Oakland Premium Fireplace is a unique, large and stylish outdoor heater that is sure to create a stunning focal point in your garden. Finished in a brushed bronze effect, this fireplace also includes a lower ash tray and bottom shelf that doubles up as a simple but effective log store, making storing your fuel easy and tidy. This fireplace makes a sleek and chic addition to any garden and is an essential piece for anyone who loves entertaining their family and friends outside and enjoys additional warmth and ambience. Care Instructions: Use charcoal and wood fuel only. Cover if stored outside with a suitable firepit cover or place indoors when not in use. the frame can be rubbed down and repainted using a high temperature paint to refresh the surface if desired.

Camelbak Eddy Glass Bottle, 0.7L

Camelbak Eddy Glass Bottle, 0.7L £25.00
The Eddy by Camelbak offers spill-proof hydration on-the-go. No tipping required, just flip open the bite valve and sip. Easy to clean, all parts are top rack dishwasher safe. One finger carry handle. This product is BPA-free.

Kew Gardens Kensington Two Port Seed Bird Feeder

Kew Gardens Kensington Two Port Seed Bird Feeder £12.95
This two port seed bird feeder from Kew Gardens is tough, long-lasting and offers great protection against squirrel damage. Its specially designed perching ring allows birds to feed happily and efficiently, while facing forwards: this ensures birds can see any potential predators and will feel more safe and feed for longer, leading to more satisfying bird watching. The design is clever, durable and simple, with an easy-refill system and easy dismantlement for the purposes of cleaning.

Kew Gardens Energy Rich Bird Feed, 2kg

Kew Gardens Energy Rich Bird Feed, 2kg £5.95
This high-energy mix is a no-mess product, meaning that wastage and unwanted seed growth on the ground around your bird feeding area will be minimised. It is also wheat-free, which deters pigeons from flocking to feed. Versatile and popular with pretty garden birds such as robins and goldfinches, this feed can be given from feeders, bird tables or simply the ground. Composition: Sunflower hearts, kibbled maize, red dari, yellow millet and pinhead oatmea

Kew Gardens Fat Ball Bird Feeder

Kew Gardens Fat Ball Bird Feeder £3.50
 Enjoy feeding the birds in your garden safely and easily with this durable all-steel feeder from Kew Gardens, designed to hold 4 fat balls. Its tough exterior protects against squirrel damage, while the design removes the need for nets and so provides a safe feeding option. Ideal paired with Kew Gardens fat balls.

Kew Gardens Broomfield Bird Table

Kew Gardens Broomfield Bird Table £27.50
 This hanging table is designed to offer a feeding area for a wide range of birds, particularly the ground feeding species such as Robins, Blackbirds and thrushes. Most commonly this table will be used for feeding seed or fat products.

Kew Gardens Fat Balls Bird Feed, Pack of 6

Kew Gardens Fat Balls Bird Feed, Pack of 6 £1.95
Add extra enjoyment to your garden by appreciating the local wildlife, with this popular and affordable bird food that attracts a variety of garden bird species. This versatile food can be dispensed through the Kew Gardens Fat Ball feeder, a bird table, or simply placed on the ground. Composition: Tallow, wheat, whole flour, black sunflower seeds, cut maize, red dari, calcium.

Kew Gardens Green Bee Habitat, FSC Certified

Kew Gardens Green Bee Habitat, FSC Certified £11.95
This habitat affords pollinators protection during the colder months, to attract and keep them safe and, as a result, make your garden a more beautiful place to be. This range of wildlife care products is exclusive to the Royal Botanic Gardens, and made with FSC-certified high quality wood.