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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - February 14th, 2016.
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GreenFingers has cut the price of these items

Phostrogen Plant Food 2.4kg

Phostrogen Plant Food 2.4kg was £8.24 now £5.49
Phostrogen Plant Food is an all purpose soluble feed for a healthy garden. It is a well balanced plant food with trace elements that promotes healthy green foliage abundant flowers and fruit. It helps plants become more drought resistant and develop a strong healthy root system and is suitable for use on all garden plants including edible crops fruit trees lawns young plants seedlings and even houseplants. NPK: 14:10:27 plus trace elementsEasily dissolvedFor use on all plants indoors and outSurface treated: 2.4kg makes 240 watering cans

Hozelock 3461 Garden Pond Liner 3m x 2.5m

Hozelock 3461 Garden Pond Liner 3m x 2.5m was £16.49 now £10.99
This Hozelock 3461 Garden Pond Liner is suitable for a small pond with a maximum capacity of 1500 litres. All ponds need to have a lining to prevent the water from draining away. Modern liners whether flexible or rigid have eliminated the need for traditional clay and concrete linings. This Hozelock Pond Liner allows you more creativity and a more individual design enabling you to build your pond as a true

Flymo Electric Grass Trimmer Contour XT - 300W/25cm

Flymo Electric Grass Trimmer Contour XT – 300W/25cm was £34.99 now £32.99
The Flymo Electric Grass Trimmer Contour XT provides you with the quick and easy way to trim and edge the contours of your lawn. This is a powerful 2-in-1 grass trimmer and lawn edger that features a unique wheel for easy edging and a guard to protect your plants when trimming near to them. It is ideal for trimming those difficult to access areas and the innovative ball joint allows it to be quickly converted to an edger in one easy movement. It also comes with a fully adjustable ergonomic handle for your comfort and has an automatic double line feed for easy use and faster trimming. Powerful trimmingAutomatic line feedEasy edgingSpecifications:Power: 300WCutting Width: 25cmCable Length: 10mCord Diameter: 1.5mmSound Power Level: 93 dB(A)Weight: 2.8kg

Botanico Monarch Arch 2.3m

Botanico Monarch Arch 2.3m was £49.99 now £34.99
Whether used as a standalone garden feature or as the start of your favourite climbing plant display the Botanico Monarch Arch will ensure your lawn has its own striking centrepiece complete with a decorative finial. It is absolutely perfect for showing off your favourite climbing plants. Place this beautiful arch anywhere in your garden to create an attractive focal point and perhaps add a climbing plant to create an even more eye-catching effect.Made from a tough steel frame with a bronze epoxy coat for longer life the Monarch is enhanced by Art Deco details along its sides. It is a tubular steel constructions that is simple to build. Dimensions: W132 x D40 x H230cm

Greenfingers Pent Storage Cabinet - 4 x 5ft

Greenfingers Pent Storage Cabinet – 4 x 5ft was £129.99 now £119.99
Ideal for placing against a fence or wall this Greenfingers Pent Storage Cabinet has a slanted roof to ensure that rain can roll off. Manufactured from high quality Fir this garden tool storage shed is both durable and robust and has a single door secured with a bolt. With this pent shed the roof slopes from the back to the front so that the maximum height is at the rear of the shed

Wooden Apex Tool Shed - 3 x 6ft

Wooden Apex Tool Shed – 3 x 6ft was £154.99 now £144.99
Extra storage space in the garden is always handy and this Wooden Apex Garden Storage Shed is the ideal space-saving solution.Complete with two internal shelves and extra height at the bottom for taller items this shed is perfect for keeping your gardening essentials stored out of sight. Neat and compact this garden store will not overwhelm your outdoor space even in smaller gardens and the asphalt covered sloped roof helps to prevent snow water and debris from accumulating.This product is manufactured from high quality softwood fir sourced from well managed and sustainable forests to reduce environmental impact. An exceptional quality and eco-friendly timber product.Overall Dimensions: W80 x D49 x H190cmInner Dimensions: W64 x D38cmFloor to First Shelf: 79cm First Shelf to Top Shelf: 35cm Shelf Depth: 19.5cmPanel thickness: 1cmCustomer Note: You should maintain this shed with a good quality preservative every year or two in accordance with the manufacturer

Norfolk Rockwood Waterproof Storage Box - 5 x 2ft

Norfolk Rockwood Waterproof Storage Box – 5 x 2ft was £159.99 now £149.99
With an outstanding 570-liter capacity the Norfolk Rockwood Waterproof Storage Box is one of the largest watertight outdoor storage boxes currently available. Despite its large size and functionality this product maintains its high level of quality and stunning good looks while the high quality resin ensures that it will never rot or decay.Features:High quality resinCreate stunning outdoor storage spaceWater-proof storageOpen and close piston for safetySpace for padlockFurniture colour: Dark Brown Wood EffectWith plenty of storage space for all your outdoor goods the Norfolk Rockwood Waterproof Storage Box is a hard wearing and water-proof storage option that will ensure that your outdoor goods are always close at hand while you are enjoying your garden or pool.Whether you are looking to store outdoor cushions garden equipment or outdoor toys for the kids this box has more than enough space and thanks to its water-tight design it is also perfect for storing animal and bird food. This storage unit is also ideal for storing pool and hot tub accessories close by the pool for easy access while out swimming. In addition to being able to store a huge amount of goodies this product doubles as a handy bench.This outdoor storage box features a space for a padlock (not included) so that you can safely leave things out in your garden without having to worry about them and as an added safety feature this product features an open and close piston that prevents trapped fingers.The durable and long-lasting resin is famous for its high quality and will never rot corrode or decay making this a low maintenance piece of outdoor furniture. Suitable for outdoor use.Dimensions: Rockwood Storage Box 570 Litre Capacity:H62 x W152 x D63cmWeight: 22kgThe Norfolk Rockwood Waterproof Storage Box is easily one of the best looking and most functional outdoor storage options available.

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