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New products at PondKeeper

by John - March 3rd, 2016.
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PondKeeper has these new items today

Oase Pondovac Premium

Oase Pondovac Premium £3999.99
High-end pond vacuum with a colossal suction rate of 20,000 litres per hour (more than double the rate of any competitor)
Thanks to the integrated high-performance pump, there is greater flexibility, even on rough terrain. The ideal vac for larger expanses of water such as swimming ponds.

Oase Pondovac 5 Pond Vacuum

Oase Pondovac 5 Pond Vacuum £599.99
The Pondovac 5 is the latest variant of the original pond vacuum from Oase. This pond vac has a deeper maximum suction depth (2.5m) than any of its predecessors and an integral discharge pump to pump away waste water quicker (even uphill).

Evolution Aqua EVO UVC 75w

Evolution Aqua EVO UVC 75w £169.99
Evolution Aqua have spent time and effort in creating the most durable and robust unit we have ever seen. So well has this item been crafted that it has achieved an IP X5 rating against water ingress – so hopefully the days of water entering and tripping the electrics are over!
Not only is this the best UV we have seen it also looks the business too with a striking design.

Evolution Aqua EVO UVC 55w

Evolution Aqua EVO UVC 55w £149.99
This 55 watt UVC is the best money can buy. It has been carefully designed to result in a durable unit that can resist water ingress up to IP X5.Not only is this a robust unit capable of years of service it also boasts cutting-edge contemporary looks too!

Evolution Aqua EVO UVC 30w

Evolution Aqua EVO UVC 30w £129.99
New for 2016 is the EVO range of pond ultra violet clarifiers by innovators at Evolution Aqua. With striking looks and superior build quality these UV units look destined to become bestsellers.
The units are protected for water ingress up to IP rating IPX5.
This 30 watt until can handle a flow rate of up to 15000lph and protect a pond from green water up to 30,000 litres (6600 gallons).

Hozelock Vac FREE Gloves & FREE Bag

Hozelock Vac FREE Gloves & FREE Bag £109.99
Quote VAC in shopping basket for free next Day Delivery!Hozelock are famous for the quality products and their new pond vacuum continues this run of success. The New Hozelock Pond Vac is a compact and lightweight pond vacuum for quickly cleaning and removing waste from smaller ponds with a minimum of effort.The Pond Vac is supplied with two different suction nozzles: ‘wide’ for large areas and ‘narrow’ for small corners, both of which can be stored on the handle. The water is sucked up through the nozzle by a high pressure but low wattage motor, which has chopping blades fitted to allow removal of large waste matter. The water passes up the handle which is made up from 4 x 0.4m sections allowing the reach of the vacuum to be adjusted. The handle position can be adjusted to ensure a comfortable operation. The water finally exits via the handle, which has a transparent section for viewing the waste disposal, through 3m of flexible hose. All water and waste is removed from the pond to ensure that no harmful polutants are returned. A motor power of only 80 watts, this is one of the least expensive motorised vacuums to run.The only weakness we could find with this vac is that you couldn’t run filtered water back to your pond as no discharge/filter bag was supplied – This is now sorted by the inclusion of a FREE lockable fine mesh bag with our compliments!!

Evolution Aqua EVO UVC 25w

Evolution Aqua EVO UVC 25w £94.99
The new EVO range from Evolution Aqua boasts the best-looking and highest quality UVC in the market.
Special attention has been made to making this UV durable and robust – the body is watertight up to IPX5 rating and the unit comes with an electronic ballast.

Evolution Aqua EVO UVC 15w

Evolution Aqua EVO UVC 15w £89.99
The latest UV units with cutting-edge technology. These UVC units are destined to be the hit of 2016!
This clarifier unit will keep ponds free of green water up to 15,000 litres (3300 gallons).