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Price reductions at PondKeeper

by John - March 3rd, 2016.
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PondKeeper has cut the price of these items

3-way Weatherproof Switch Box

3-way Weatherproof Switch Box was £39.99 now £29.99
Bringing power pondside is a very sensible move for all pondkeepers. This highly affordable switchbox takes ‘normal’ electrical cable in through its inlet. This power can then be shared by up to three different electrical devices (eg, pump, UV and lighting).
Each item can then be individually controlled away from your mains electric.
The 3-way outlet is our top selling outdoor junction box.

4 Way Outdoor Switchbox

4 Way Outdoor Switchbox was £49.99 now £34.99
An outdoor junction box is a ‘must have’ for any pondkeeper. It allows your pond products to be switched off/on at the pond rather than at your mains. It is also much safer to have one power cable running to your pond and then distributing it via a ‘box’ than having multiple power cables.

5 Way Weatherproof Junction Box

5 Way Weatherproof Junction Box was £59.99 now £44.99
Very popular size of junction box. You get the most bang for your bucks with the five outlet box.It’s a sensible choice because it future proofs your project – just watch how fast the outlets are used up:
1) Pond Pump
2) UVC
3) Pond Lights
4) Fountain Display
5) Air Pump
This just gives you an idea of what you might need. Other elctrical possibilites include blanketweed control devices, pest deterrents, additional gardne lighting etc etc.

6-way Weatherproof Switch Box

6-way Weatherproof Switch Box was £69.99 now £49.99
Bring power pondside at a low price. This switchbox takes ‘normal’ electrical cable in through its inlet. This power can then be shared by up to six different electrical devices (eg,filter pump, lighting, fountain pump, UV, electronic blanketweed controllers, electronic feeders).

PondXpert GreenStop Pro 72w

PondXpert GreenStop Pro 72w was £169.99 now £139.99
This is a serious piece of kit at a very realistic price. This large chambers of this UV unit (Just under 1m long, 3′ 3″) allows plenty of time for your pond water to be exposed to UVC radiation.
The chambers also incorporate a helix meaning that the water turbulates through the chamber increasing the level of radiation exposure.