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Price reductions at PondKeeper

by John - July 13th, 2016.
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PondKeeper has cut the price of these items

Waterproof Cable Joiner

Waterproof Cable Joiner was £12.99 now £8.99
Use to join two outdoor electrical cables together. An inexpensive way to safely extend the length of your outdoor power cable. Once joined securely the extended cable is fully waterproof.

PondXpert Super Eco Pond Pump 3500

PondXpert Super Eco Pond Pump 3500 was £89.99 now £79.99
This PondXpert SuperECO pond pump is feature packed and handles the job of pumping dirty water 24/7 with ease – the big thing is that it uses less electricity than anything else on the market!
PondXpert engineers have managed to get a healthy flow of 3500lph but at a power consumption of just 16 watts!
The standard power consumption of a typical pond pump with this flow rate would be around 50 watts and as most filter pumps are left running all year round your energy savings will be considerable.
Apart from the energy saving your pump comes supplied with a 20-40mm hosetail and can handle solid particles up to 8mm.

PondXpert Super Eco Pond Pump 5000

PondXpert Super Eco Pond Pump 5000 was £99.99 now £89.99
This pump from pondxpert boast the lowest running costs we have ever seen from a filter pump!
Despite the generous flow rate of 5000lph the engineers at PondXpert have managed to develop a motor to create this flow requiring just 26 watts of power!
The pump comes complete with a 20-40mm hosetail so will accept 20-40mm hose (3/4″ to 11/2″).
If your pond water runs too low the pump will automatically detect this and switch itself off to avoid damage.

PondXpert Super Eco Pond Pump 6500

PondXpert Super Eco Pond Pump 6500 was £109.99 now £99.99
This new pond pump from PondXpert has got everybody talking – a healthy flow of 6500lph can be achieved from a motor consuming just 38 watts to run! This is incredible when typical watts would usually be around 88 watts.The result is that you can drop this workhorse pump into your pond confident that it will run 24/7 365 days a year and that your electricity meter will hardly tick over!
The pump boasts a solids-handling capacity of 8mm and can pump to a maximum height of 3.5m. If low water levels the pump will switch itself off to avoid damage and comes complete with a three year guarantee for complete ‘peace of mind’.

PondXpert Super Eco Pond Pump 8000

PondXpert Super Eco Pond Pump 8000 was £129.99 now £109.99
This pump is the big news of the new season. Those clever engineers at PondXpert have managed to create a pump with a healthy 8000 LPH flow at a power consumption of just 50 watts (typical power expected would be 120w). This means you can run this pump 24/7 all year long without having to worry about the electricity bill!
As well as its environmental and economic benefits the pump will run 24/7 with little maintenance required as it can handle solid particles up to 8mm in size. If your pond water was to run shallow for any reason then the pump switches itself off via a sensor to prevent damage to the unit.A long 3 year guarantee completes the “peace of mind” provided by this pump.

PondXpert Super Eco Pond Pump 10000

PondXpert Super Eco Pond Pump 10000 was £149.99 now £129.99
Enjoy a powerful flow of 10,000 litres per hour without draining your wallet!
The new PondXpert SuperECO boasts an energy-efficient motor requiring power consumption of just 68 watts. This means that running this pump in place of existing pond pumps on the market will lower your electricity bill considerably*.
The energy-efficient motor also includes on-board intelligence which allows it to switch itself off should your pond water run too low. This protects the pump from damage.
The pump can handle solid pieces of matter up to 8mm in size and includes a 20-40mm hosetail to accept all standard sizes of pond hose.