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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - July 17th, 2016.
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Loads of price reductions today at GreenFingers

Garden Netting 2 x 10m

Garden Netting 2 x 10m was £1.99 now £0.99
This Garden Netting can be used to protect seedlings vegetables strawberry plants and soft fruits. Soft and flexible this is a great accessory for keeping your garden protected. Dimensions: L10 x W2mHole size: 2 x 2cm

Terra Gardening Gloves - 1 Pair

Terra Gardening Gloves – 1 Pair was £1.69 now £1.29
The Terra Gardening Gloves will provide your hands with a lot of protection whilst giving you good levels of grip and dexterity.These gloves come with one piece fabric liners which offers great levels of comfort. Over these a latex layer has been moulded which with its rippled effect gives you fantastic grip protection and a degree of water resistance.Cotton and latex constructionHigh dexterity. Thorn proof. Excellent wet and dry grip. Green colour. Protective knit cuff. These are a great idea if you just need to do tougher tasks around the garden. Lightweight and nicely fitted these will help protect your hands whilst pruning or digging.One size fits all.

Verdigris Black Metal Owl Wall Art - 30cm high

Verdigris Black Metal Owl Wall Art – 30cm high was £2.99 now £1.99
Add style to any area whether inside or outside with a Verdigris Black Metal Owl Wall Art.Made from metal with beads inlaid this beautiful owl will look great out on the patio entertainment area or inside the house.Features:Beautiful and trendy owl design. Assorted bead decorations. Two variations: white or multicoloured jewels. Customer Note: Unfortunately Greenfingers cannot offer a choice when it comes to colour of jewels.Dimensions: W16.5 x D2.5 x H30cm

Terra Patio Weed Brush - 120cm

Terra Patio Weed Brush – 120cm was £2.99 now £1.99
This Patio Weed Brush is the perfect way to clear your patio of pesky weeds and dirt. Angled wire bristles will make short work of any weed growth that you want to clear. Tough knots of grass growing in the cracks between pavement can be tackled by the raking spike on the opposite side of the weed brush.Handle Length: 120cm

Paint Your Own Wooden Bird House Kit

Paint Your Own Wooden Bird House Kit was £2.99 now £2.29
Great fun for your kids! This Paint Your Own Wooden Bird House Kit comes with 4 colour paint pots and a paint brush. It is a brilliant creative way to introduce your children to caring for wild birds and they will be proud to see their artistic prowess displayed in your garden for all to see. This ready assembled apex bird house is made from pine wood and will provide a safe place for wild birds to roost and give them somewhere snug and cosy to stay over the winter months. Try to place it in a quiet and undisturbed part of your garden.Putting up an artificial birdhouse will help future generations of birds and give you much pleasure derived from observing them. Birds are a very valuable source of natural pest control as they will eat a wide variety of insects. Paint colours: red green yellow and blueDimensions: W9.5 x D9 x H13cmHole diameter: approx. 25mm – suitable for for blue tits coal tits and marsh titsPlease increase the size of hole if you wish to attract larger birds:28mm for great tits tree sparrows and pied flycatchers32mm for house sparrows and nuthatches45mm for starlingsWhy not check out our Activities for Kids for more great ideas? Please click here to view the Department.

Foam Camping Mat

Foam Camping Mat was £2.99 now £2.49
Ideal for camping or backpacking trips this comfortable Foam Camping Mat will keep dampness and cold away from your body. It is perfect for adding that extra bit of comfort under your sleeping bag but you could also use it to lie in the garden on a hot summer day or take with you on picnics or perhaps use it as an exercise mat when doing yoga or pilates. It has many uses. Best of all it is waterproof can easily be wiped clean and comes with handy straps to roll and store it away. Dimensions: L180 x W 50 x D0.6cmThis mat comes in assorted colours of blue yellow or green. Please allow us to choose a colour for you.For more ideas please click here to view our Camping Department

Teardrop Planter

Teardrop Planter was £3.99 now £2.69
With a mix of classic design and eco-friendly recycled materials the distinctive Teardrop Planter will look stunning when placed on your patio in the home next to a pathway or doorway or used to create a focal point in the conservatory. Features:Made with recycled materialsHand-crafted finishSuitable for outdoor useAvailable in a variety of coloursMade with a mixture of recycled materials this planter features a hand painted teardrop design and has a similar look to heavier and more expensive stone planters. The wide design allows for plants with larger root systems or allowing plants to grow larger and more impressive while the larger lip allows for easy moving. The hand-painted exterior of these pots is weatherproof allowing you to place them anywhere in the garden without any risk of paint damage.Dimensions:Dia32 x H23cmVolume: 10.3 LtrCreate a feature anywhere in your home garden or conservatory with the Teardrop Planter.

Verdigris Beach Umbrella - 152cm Diameter

Verdigris Beach Umbrella – 152cm Diameter was £4.99 now £2.99
Keep cool this summer with the Verdigris Beach Umbrella. This colourful umbrella features a nylon canopy and an aluminium pole. Parasol base not included. Canopy Diameter: 152cmPole Length: 160cmCustomer Note: Unfortunately we cannot offer choice of colour on this item. Greenfingers will select one for you.

23m Micro Irrigation System

23m Micro Irrigation System was £3.99 now £2.99
This Micro Irrigation System allows you to water your pots and containers with one turn of the tap. Easy to install using the flexible tubing which can be cut to required length and attached to an outside tap the system can work with flower beds borders and greenhouses. The slow and even watering process can promote growth and leaves soil undisturbed. The set features everything you would need included a 23 metre vinyl pipe and

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