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New products at GreenFingers

by John - September 9th, 2016.
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GreenFingers just added loads of new products

Autumn Bulbs - Anemone Blanda Mixed-50 Bulbs

Autumn Bulbs – Anemone Blanda Mixed-50 Bulbs £3.99
Excellent for borders and rockeries Anemone Blanda Mixed are hardy perennials that thrive in sunny or light shaded areas of your garden. They are a beautiful colourful choice for your garden as they naturalise and multiply quickly over the years. These bulbs come in a combination of deep pink white and blue with numerous yellow stamens to create an attractive carpet of colour wherever they are grown. RHS Award of Garden Merit Type: Hardy PerennialBulb size: 4-5Flowering period: Mar-Apr Height: Up to 15cm Ideal for: Borders and rockeriesPreferred planting position: Sunny spot Preferred soil type: Rich well drained soilQuantity: 50 bulbs

Garlic Marco Bulbs Pack of 3

Garlic Marco Bulbs Pack of 3 £2.29
These Garlic Marco Bulbs have a distinctively strong flavour and are ideal for storing. A firm favourite over wintering garlic these bulbs prefer a well-drained fertile soil and a position under the sun. Plant in Autumn or Spring at a depth of 3cm and 10cm apart. This garlic is in bulbs so remember to break into cloves before planting. When the leaves start to die down lift the bulbs and leave them on the surface of the soil to ripen. Store in a light airy position that is dry and free from frost and take pride in feasting on food from your own garden.

Autumn Bulbs - Tulip ''Angelique''- 7 Bulbs

Autumn Bulbs – Tulip ”Angelique”- 7 Bulbs £2.99
These tulips will grow in a wide range of soils provided there is good drainage. The flowers sometimes called peony-like are packed with pink petals which are tinged with lighter and darker pink.Ideal for beds and borders this variety flowers best in partial shade. Plants grow to about 45cm tall.

Taylors Bees and Butterflies Collection - 75 Bulbs

Taylors Bees and Butterflies Collection – 75 Bulbs £9.99
Taylors Bees & Butterflies Collection comprises Crocus Romance Allium Atropurpureum Nectaroscordum Siculum and Muscari Valerie Finnis to create a wonderfully fragrant and vivid spring display in your garden. Ideal for naturalising areas they are a great way to brighten up lawns verges and wildflower areas in spring.Bee and butterfly friendlyType: Hardy BulbsFlowering Period: Feb-Jul Crocus Romance: exquisite in shape these are warm buttery yellow to creamy yellow goblet-shaped flowers that are deeper yellow inside. Height: 15cm Allium Atropurpureum: a beautifully refined allium with balls of tiny tightly-packed maroon-purple flowers on top of a stout stem. Height 60cm Nectaroscordum Siculum: produces cascades of white pendulous bell-shaped flowers with striking purple and pink markings and are flushed green at the base on the outside and a little darker inside. Height 50cm Muscari Valerie Finnis: produces gorgeous delicate flowers heads of a really unusual sky blue colour with a silvery sheen. Height: 25cmQuantity: Mix of 75 Bulbs

Taylors  Scented Tulip Collection 30 bulbs

Taylors Scented Tulip Collection 30 bulbs £9.99
The Scented Tulip Collection provides you with a fantastic vivid splash of colour that will lift the winter blues and brighten up your containers flower beds and borders. Tulips are among the most beloved spring flowers with their elegant long stems and familiar cup-shaped blossoms. This mixed collection provides you with a wonderful blend of colours along with a sweet light fragrance. Tulip Finola: amazing tall peony-like tulips in a subtle blend of dark pink and white.Tulip Orange Angelique: stunning peony-like tulips packed with orange petals which are tinged with lighter and darker orange. Tulip Menton Exotic: a beautiful blend of pink/peach long lasting flowers Tulip Double You: gorgeous pink long lasting flowers on sturdy stems. Flowering period: Apr-May Height: 45-50cmQuantity: 30 bulbs

Taylors Colourful Double Tulip Mix  - Gift Bag of 20 Bulbs

Taylors Colourful Double Tulip Mix – Gift Bag of 20 Bulbs £6.99
Magnificent and deliciously fragrant Taylors Colourful Double Tulip Mix provides you with beautiful double flowers that add a touch of flamboyance to your spring garden. They are famed for large early blooms sturdy stems and strong reliability and look fabulous in borders or patio containers. For a truly impressive visual impact plant them in groups of up to 20 bulbs; they produce a glorious show for 6-8 weeks and will make a great gift for any gardener. Great for cut flower arrangementsType: Hardy Perennial Flowering period: Mid/late spring-early summer Height: 40cm Spread: 15cmThese tulips will grow well in any moist well drained soil. Choose a sunny position that is sheltered from strong winds. When planting tulip bulbs avoid shallow planting as this may reduce the winter cold period that is essential for tulip bulbs to produce flowers in spring. Plant them at a depth of 15cm and 13cm apart. After flowering deadhead the faded tulip flowers and allow the foliage to die back completely before removing it in summer. Quantity: 20 bulbs in a gift bagThese bulbs should be planted preferably before the end of November although most will be fine if planted up to the end of December. They require a sustained dormant period of cold temperatures to stimulate root development. If you have to store them for a few days keep them dry and cool – between 10 and 15 degrees centigrade.

Taylors Outdoor Metal Bucket Planter - Hyacinth Delft Blue Bulbs x 4

Taylors Outdoor Metal Bucket Planter – Hyacinth Delft Blue Bulbs x 4 £9.99
A great addition to your patio or balcony this unique Taylors Outdoor Metal Bucket Planter comes complete with compost instructions and 4 Hyacinth Delft Blue bulbs. This pretty planter is painted metal with a silver rim and is embossed with the word

Autumn Bulbs - Spring Bulb Collection - 150 bulbs

Autumn Bulbs – Spring Bulb Collection – 150 bulbs £9.99
This stunning Spring Collection of 150 bulbs represents great value for money. With a mixture of Narcissi Tulips Grape Hyacinths Crocuses and Striped Squills you can be sure of having stupendous carpet of colour in your garden. Ideal for naturalising areas they are a great way to brighten up lawns verges and wildflower areas in spring. Narcissus Minnow: are exquisite hybrids with creamy flowers on each stem and contrasting yellow cups.Tulip Pinocchio: produces elegant upright red flowers with a distinct white margin to the petals.Crocus Ruby Giant: are gorgeous deep-purple flowers with narrow mid-green leaves.Muscari Latifolium (Grape Hyacinth): are vigorous plants with deep cobalt blue bell-shaped clusters of flowers that resemble grapes with paler blue flowers at the top.Puschkinia Libanotica (Striped Squill): produces pretty sprays of palest pale blue 6-petalled flowers with a thin deep blue stripe down the centre of each petal.Flowering period: Feb-May Height: 8-25cmQuantity: 150 bulbs

Autumn Bulbs - English Grown Bluebell-7 Bulbs

Autumn Bulbs – English Grown Bluebell-7 Bulbs £2.99
These English Grown Bluebells are perfect for naturalising in borders wild gardens and between shrubs and trees. They like sun or partial shade and a well drained soil with plenty of humes such as leaf mould or compost. These bulbs are hardy and require no special attention. They flower May/June at a height of 30cm. Pack of 7 bulbs.

Plus another 47 new products