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Most Scented …

by Diane - September 18th, 2016.
Filed under: Thompson and Morgan.

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Most Scented Bumper Pack – 72 plug plants – 12 of each variety
Treat yourself to this fantastic bumper pack of the most scented bedding and border plants! You’ll receive 12 plug plants of each of the following varieties (72 plug plants in total). Primrose ‘World’s Most Scented Mix- Let the sweet citrus scent and the fresh colour mix transport you into spring. Viola ‘Most ScentedMix - Hundreds of pretty little blooms smother the plants with their multi-coloured display as well as their wonderful strong fragrance. Stocks ‘Most Scented’ Mix - Specially selected for their strong and spicy fragrance as well as for their fabulous colours. Pansy ‘Most Scented’ Mix - The fragrance of this exclusive mix has been further enhanced to exude a spring-like perfume. Polyanthus ‘Most Scented’ Mix - Each fresh colour has a lovely, strong fragrance, creating a true scent of spring. Wallflower ‘Most Scented’ Mix - Selected for their most endearing feature; their fabulous fragrance, this is a glorious, mix in a wonderful array of colours