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New products at PondKeeper

by John - March 4th, 2017.
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PondKeeper has these new products today

PondXpert SpinClean 40000 And FreeFlow 19000 Pond Pump Set

PondXpert SpinClean 40000 And FreeFlow 19000 Pond Pump Set £429.99
Our biggest and best filter set. This ‘combo’ deal contains the PondXpert FreeFlow 19000 Pump and new SpinClean 40,000 filter.
You get a perfectly matched pond system at a great price.

PondXpert SpinClean 30000 And PondPush 15000 Pump Set

PondXpert SpinClean 30000 And PondPush 15000 Pump Set £349.99
This set matches up the new PondXpert SpinClean 30,000 pond filter with the bestselling PondXpert PondPush 15000 Pump.
Together this filter system can service ponds up to 30,000 litres in volume (6600 gallons).
maintenamce is a dream: the pump accepts solids and will run 24/7 while the filter boasts the latest ‘easy-clean’ technology.

PondXpert SpinClean Pressure Filter 40,000 55w

PondXpert SpinClean Pressure Filter 40,000 55w £349.99
Even large pond owners are now seeing the benefits of installing a pressurised filter system. Until now pressure filters were designed for smaller domestic applications but this beauty will clean ponds up to 40,000 litres in volume (8810 gallons).
The key benefit of this filter is its sophisticated cleaning system. Simply stir the external handle to clean the dirty filter sponges inside the unit.An integrated 55 watt UVC keeps the water crystal clear.

PondXpert SpinClean Pressure Filter 30,000 36w

PondXpert SpinClean Pressure Filter 30,000 36w £289.99
PondXpert SpinClean filters are a customer favourite. New for 2017 is this larger unit with a powerful 36 watt UVC incorporated.
This filter has been designed with larger ponds in mind.
The pressure filter can service a pond up to 30,000 litres (6600 gallons).
Now larger pond owners can enjoy the benefits of this filter:
Easy to clean by just turning the handle
Easy to disguise the pressure filter into the landscape.

Fishmate 18000 Fountain Pump

Fishmate 18000 Fountain Pump £228.99
The NEW Fish Mate 18000 Pump is a welcome addition to the range. It can produce a maximum flow of 18000lph to a head height of 6.5m (21′).
The pump achieves this impressive specification whilst requiring a low power input of 155w.

PondXpert SpinClean    4500 And PondPush 3200 Set

PondXpert SpinClean 4500 And PondPush 3200 Set £149.99
This ‘combo’ deal puts two of our bestselling products together. For under £150 you will receive a stae-of-the-art ‘easy clean’ filter and a reliable pond pump.

PondXpert SpinClean   4500 Pond Filter

PondXpert SpinClean 4500 Pond Filter £119.99
At last! A super easy-clean filter aimed at the smaller pond.
The SpinClean 4500 is so easy to maintain – just turn the handle to stir the sponges and dislodge the dirt. The cleaning technique is as follows:
– Cleaning Indicator shows filter is dirty
– Switch pump to ‘Off’
– Turn dial to ‘Clean’
– Turn handle to clean sponges and dislodge dirt
– Turn pump back ‘on’ and dirty water escapes
– Switch pump ‘off’
– Turn dial switch back to ‘pond’
– Switch pump back ‘on’

PondXpert Cleanopond Vac & Discharge Basket

PondXpert Cleanopond Vac & Discharge Basket £119.99
This super ‘combo’ offer means you can clean up your pond and ensure no loss of precious pond water.

PondXpert Cleanopond Discharge Basket

PondXpert Cleanopond Discharge Basket £39.99
Stock Expected 23rd March
NEW Discharge Basket designed specifically for use with PondXpert Cleanopond but will work with any pond vacuum.
Designed to collect the muck and debris from your pond allowing clean water to return.