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Price reductions at PondKeeper

by John - March 4th, 2017.
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PondKeeper reduced the price on these products today

PondXpert Blanketweed Eliminator

PondXpert Blanketweed Eliminator was £19.99 now £14.99
An infusion of natural minerals, enzymes and additives.
100% guaranteed or your money back.
Simply use one heaped spoonful (enclosed) per 65 gallons (300 ltrs). Formulation contains beneficial bacteria strains.
Reduces nutrients such as Nitrate & Phosphate that feed on blanketweed and algae, also reduces bottom-sludge, murky water and unpleasant odours.

PondXpert Pond Protectors 20 Ring Pack

PondXpert Pond Protectors 20 Ring Pack was £24.99 now £17.99
Keep your pond safe from herons!
For years pondkeepers have struggled with the problem of herons and other pond predators stealing fish. This can be incredibly frustrating as pond fish are expensive and we get attached to our fishy friends.
An effective solution is to throw a pond net over the entire pond but the disadvantage of this method is that it spoils the looks of the pond.Fortunattely the PondXpert Pond Protector System has arrived! This is a novel and effective solution to an the age-old problem of herons. The System consists of specially designed floating rings that are designed to be positioned at the edge of your pond. The rings interlock forming a barrier between the pond predators and your precious fish. The joined-up rings form a floating fence that is designed to cover the perimeter of your pond only. This is perfect as your fish are protected but your pond still looks great. Helps keep your pond free from herons but visible for your enjoyment.

Fishmate 5000 Bio Filter - No UVC

Fishmate 5000 Bio Filter – No UVC was £29.99 now £29.49
New to pondkeeper – We just had to take on this little beauty.
For small ponds there is nothing that can get near this on price.
yet for little spend you get a box filter packed with filter media including:
– Filter brush for large particles
– Foam filters
– Rock media
The filter also boasts great connection options – it can accept pond hose 20-32mm and has two 32mm outlets. These outlets mean that a large amount of water can be pushed through the filter (up to 2500lph) and hose can be easily attached to the outlets if required.

Fish Mate Pond Pump 4000

Fish Mate Pond Pump 4000 was £84.99 now £82.99
Fish Mate pumps are a garden centre favourite. They have been available for many years and are easily recognisable due to their green colour. Now we can bring these pumps straight to your door at the UKs lowest price.these pumps are energy efficient featuring pond-life friendly anti-clog filter design. Pondlife friendly slots in strainer cage may be enlarged to 5mm for solids handling (2000-4000).
Consistently one of our bestselling pond pumps.
Always super-reliable you can buy this pump in the confident knowledge that they include a long three year manufacturers guarantee.

PondXpert PowerPump 25000 Pond Pump

PondXpert PowerPump 25000 Pond Pump was £219.99 now £199.99
These extra large power pond pumps are hard to find. They are occasionally supplied by specialists but at exorbitant prices. This beast of a pump will run 24/7 supplying up to 25,000 litres of water per hour.
It also boasts a maximum head height of 7.5m (25′).
The solid build of the pump and the fact that it can accept solids up to 9mm in size means the manufacturer backs this pump with a 3 year guarantee. This pump has exactly the same specification as the popular Bermuda FilterForce Xtreme 25000 Pond Pump which has now sadly been discontinued by the manufacturer.