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New products at GreenFingers

by John - March 7th, 2017.
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New products today at GreenFingers

Haxnicks Leaf Picker - 130cm

Haxnicks Leaf Picker – 130cm £22.99
The Haxnicks Leaf Picker is a fast and efficient approach to leaf collection incorporating an ingenious easy pick-up and discard mechanism.Collect leaves with ease even on gravel. Durable and lightweight. Ergonomic design with an instant release mechanism. Great for tidying leaves from between border plants. Length: 130cm Head: 18 x 18cm

Bosmere Bamboo Lawn Rake

Bosmere Bamboo Lawn Rake £12.99
Amazingly lightweight this Bosmere Bamboo Lawn Rake rakes leaves cuttings and moss from your lawn without damaging your lawn leaving it beautifully clear and tidy. Strong and sturdy with flexible tines it neatly and easily scoops up both wet and dry leaves. The long handle ensures that you can work from a comfortable upright position and helps to avoid the pain and backaches that are usually associated with bending over while working. No need to be forceful with it

Gardeners Mate Expanding Leaf & Lawn Rake - 126cm

Gardeners Mate Expanding Leaf & Lawn Rake – 126cm £9.99
The Gardeners Mate Expanding Leaf & Lawn Rake is an ingenious tool that allows you to customise the width of the rake to tackle any kind of task.Rake up leaves and remove thatch and moss regardless of the size of the space you

Leaf Collectors

Leaf Collectors £3.99
If you need to pick up a lot of leaves or cuttings in your garden then you can


BootClamp £5.99
The BootClamp keeps muddy wellies tidy outside protecting them from insects and mice.Sturdy easy to fit clamp for welly boots. Carry handle and hanging hook. Helps save indoor space. Keeps boots together while traveling. For the whole family. Dimensions: W38 x D1 x H20cm

Silent Roar Cat Repeller 0.5kg

Silent Roar Cat Repeller 0.5kg £7.99
The product works based on the territorial chain in the cat kingdom when your mischievous neighbourhood moggy smells that the king of the jungle has been passed it thinks twice before entering the confines of your garden. This great lion roar product is based on pellets which have been soaked in the real essence of lion dung. In addition to its cat repellant properties Silent Roar is a nitrogen based fertiliser which helps leaves to grow and keeps them luscious. Silent Roar is great for the environment as it has no harmful chemicals in it and an application of this fabulous deterrent will be effective up to three months. For best results remove previous cat mess and replace with silent roar pellets. If the cats continue to come back just keep playing them at their own game by removing mess and laying pellets. The idea is that the cats won

Bird Deterrent - Owl with Spinning Head

Bird Deterrent – Owl with Spinning Head £14.99
Ideal for protecting vulnerable garden areas this intricately detailed Bird Deterrent Owl with its 360

SupaGarden Plastic Lawn Rake

SupaGarden Plastic Lawn Rake £8.99
The SupaGarden Plastic Lawn Rake is a sturdy but lightweight garden rake ideal for any gardener.Rake up leaves remove thatch and moss with this rake featuring a strong plastic head and aluminium shaft.Lightweight design. 2 Year Guarantee. Dimensions: Head Width: 40cm Length: 150cm

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