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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - April 14th, 2017.
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New products at Suttons Seeds

Chicken Apron & Oven Gauntlet

Chicken Apron & Oven Gauntlet £24.98
Quirky chicken design cotton apron, length 89cm and matching oven gauntlet.

Hen Mug - Twin Pack

Hen Mug – Twin Pack £18.98
Large mug with matching gift box. Vegan friendly bone china, dishwasher and microwave safe. Capacity 440ml, height 10.2cm. Supplied as a set of two.

Chickens Apron

Chickens Apron £16.99
Quirky chicken design cotton apron, length 89cm.

Chickens Gauntlet

Chickens Gauntlet £9.99
Quirky chicken design oven gauntlet.

Chicken Mugs

Chicken Mugs £9.99
Set of four stoneware mugs in assorted colours. Capacity 220ml.

Apple (Cooking) Tree - Sir Isaac Newton

Apple (Cooking) Tree – Sir Isaac Newton £5.00
A direct decendant of the very tree from which the apple fell that landed on Sir Isaac Newton’s head! Each tree will come with its own certificate that authenticates that the DNA of the tree has been verified to be a direct descendant of this original tree that still stands at Woolthorpe Manor in Lincolnshire. Flowers May; harvest October. Pollination group 3. Our apples are grafted onto an M26 rootstock which produces an easy-to-control semi-dwarf tree with medium vigour. Height 3m after 10 years.For planting and growing advice read our Apple Tree growing guide.

Apple Tree (Potted) - Lucky Dip

Apple Tree (Potted) – Lucky Dip £5.00
Fantastic offer of a 5 litre potted fruit tree. Established fruit tree that can be grown in a large pot or planted in the garden. Lucky Dip only – so a lovely surprise for you as to what variety is received! Offer available for this weekend only – Was 24.99 now 5! (PLEASE NOTE: Image for illustration purposes only.)

Apple Tree - Fuji

Apple Tree – Fuji £5.00
Apple Fuji is a relatively new variety, with excellent fruit, crisp and sweet flavoured. Rosy-pink blushed fruit. The growing height is 1.82.5 meters. Supplied as a bare root tree.

Apple Tree - Elstar

Apple Tree – Elstar £5.00
Apple Elstar has a sweet/sharp flavour and reminiscent of Cox’s Orange Pippin. Attractive red flushed apple with good disease resistance. Showy blossom and honey flavoured fruit. The growing height is 1.8-2.5 metres. Supplied as a bare root tree.