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Price reductions at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - April 14th, 2017.
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Suttons Seeds reduced the price on these lines today

Persimmon Tree - Kaki-Sharon Fruit

Persimmon Tree – Kaki-Sharon Fruit was £29.99 now £5.00
These hardy, self-fertile trees are little known in the UK, but deserve to be much more widely grown. Ideal for a greenhouse, conservatory or a hot, sunny spot outdoors. Pick the fruit in late October, and allow it to ripen to sweet perfection on a sunny windowsill. When ripe, eat them fresh by spooning out the smooth, custard-like flesh (it is sweet and delicious and tastes a little like a mango). They can also be used in desserts of breads, or even dried. Eventual height approximately 5m (16′).For planting and growing advice read our persimmon-and-pomegranate-growing-guide.

Peach Tree - Peche de Vigne

Peach Tree – Peche de Vigne was £29.99 now £5.00
The blood peach. In our opinion this is possibly the most delicious peach there is! Deep raspberry-rose skin and flesh stained a deep red all the way through. Harvest August. Pollination group 4. Deliciously sweet and intensely perfumed. (SF – self-fertile).For planting and growing advice read our apricots-peach-tree-and-nectarines-tree-growing-guide.

Peach Tree - Avalon Pride

Peach Tree – Avalon Pride was £29.99 now £5.00
This recently introduced peach appears to be strongly resistant to leaf curl disease. From a chance seedling found by a Miss Pride in woods in Washington State, near Seattle. She noticed that it was peach leaf curl resistant and decided to propagate her own tree. When she moved she decided to take the tree with her but just before the move a large bear dug the tree up and totally wrecked it! Left with a pile of twigs she managed to revive and propagate a further tree and move it to a bear-free environment. Trees are self-fertile with pretty pink flowers and bear large, deliciously juicy fruits from early August. Pollination group 4.Grown on Montclaire rootstock which is highly productive with medium vigour. It also makes trees less susceptible to frost damage.

Apple Paradis

Apple Paradis was £24.99 now £5.00
When you bite into it, Sparkling explodes in your mouth. When the large cells release their juice, it feels as if CO2 is brought into play, making it seem more like a ‘sparkling’ apple than a ‘still’ one. It’s almost like a fizzy drink . . . some have even likened it to edible Prosecco! Sadly the pressed juice is still. Harvest September. Height 2.5-3m (8-10′).For planting and growing advice read our Apple Tree growing guide.

Mirabelle Tree - de Nancy

Mirabelle Tree – de Nancy was £24.99 now £5.00
Mouth-watering fruit! This prolific variety produces medium sized golden fruits, often developing a pink flush when fully ripe. The fruits are incredibly sweet and tangy, with a taste of honey.For planting and growing advice read our gage-and-plum-trees-growing-guide.

Apple Tree - Redlove

Apple Tree – Redlove was £24.99 now £5.00
Small round apples with marbled pink flesh. Very juicy. Harvest late August-September. Height 3m+ (10′).For planting and growing advice read our Apple Tree growing guide.

Pear Tree - Schweizerhose

Pear Tree – Schweizerhose was £24.99 now £5.00
This unique variety is named after the Swiss Guard uniforms. The delicious fruits are sweet with a hint of acidity. Harvest October. Height 2.5-3m (8-10′).

Gage Tree - Reine Claude Doree

Gage Tree – Reine Claude Doree was £21.99 now £5.00
Deliciously sweet! A beautiful gage, the fruits are larger than typical green gages and ripen to golden green. The flesh has a honey sweetness that is best straight from the tree.For planting and growing advice read our gage-and-plum-trees-growing-guide.

Apple Dwarf Fruit Tree - Red Sun

Apple Dwarf Fruit Tree – Red Sun was £21.99 now £5.00
Delicious crisp, juicy normal sized fruits produced in early September. Apple variety is Garden Sun Red. Eventual height 75cm – over 7 years. Supplied as a bare root.For planting and growing advice read our Apple Tree growing guide.