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Price reductions at PondKeeper

by John - April 15th, 2017.
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Reduced products at PondKeeper

Velda Floating Solar Light Small 20cm

Velda Floating Solar Light Small 20cm was £34.99 now £29.99
Wow…this floating light looks amazing!
Measuring 20cm (8″) diameter this globe light is powered by the sun. It lights up in a number of different colours and has a range of programmable features operated by the remote control (supplied)

Velda Floating Solar Light Medium 25cm

Velda Floating Solar Light Medium 25cm was £54.99 now £39.99
This solar Orb looks great in the garden or even floating on the pond. It is powered by remote control with an integrated solar panel so there is no messy wiring or running costs.
The Orb can be switched on using the supplied remote control – via which a number of pre-programmed colour sequences can be chosen.

Velda Floating Plant Island With Light

Velda Floating Plant Island With Light was £59.99 now £44.99
This is a brand new concept and a really good idea. Floating planters are one of our bestselling products and illuminating the plants makes them ‘come alive’ during the evening.

Velda Welkin Pond Light

Velda Welkin Pond Light was £54.99 now £44.99
This ‘tree’ light has thirteen adjustable ‘branches’ – each with a powerful LED light at the end.
This feature light is designed to sit under the surface of your pond to produce a subtle lighting effect designed to mimic the effect of the night stars reflecting on your pond.

Velda Floating Solar Light Large 30cm

Velda Floating Solar Light Large 30cm was £64.99 now £49.99
Create a real talking point in your garden with this Solar Globe. It illuminates automatically and pulsates through a number of different colours. The globe is watertight so it can be used floating on the surface of your pond.
The solar panel powering the globe is integrated inside the ball hidden from view. Operation of the light is by the remote control device shipped with the unit.

Velda Floating Koi Dome Large

Velda Floating Koi Dome Large was £99.99 now £79.99
This is a novel new product introduced in 2014 and allows you to view your fish in an entirely new way!
The Koi Dome from Velda floats on your pond surface and the raised part of the sphere will fill with fish that magically appear to rise up off the pond.