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New products at PondKeeper

by John - May 23rd, 2017.
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PondKeeper has these new items today

Velda T-Flow Tronic 75

Velda T-Flow Tronic 75 £259.99
The Easy way to control blanket weed in your pond!
T-Flow introduces copper ions into your pond which breaks down blanket weed. The amount of active ingredient introduced into the pond water is controlled by the user via an LCD controller.

Velda T-Flow Tronic 35

Velda T-Flow Tronic 35 £229.99
Blanket weed is a problem in most ponds.
If unchecked it can grow rapidly and cause problems by blocking up pumps and filters. In the past the typical solution was to add powders and liquid treatments – but this is a temporary solution.
New T-Flow from Velda allows you to gently introduce copper ions into your pond disrupting algae growth and keeping your pond clear.

Velda T-Flow Tronic 15

Velda T-Flow Tronic 15 £199.99
Getting rid of blanket weed in a pond can be a messy exercise.
The traditional route has been to add treatments to the pond.
But this is periodic treatment of the problem….TFlow gets rid of string algae by constantly ‘streaming’ a fix.
The T-Flow sits between your filter and pump and utilises the flow of water to release copper ions into the pond.
The amount of treatment flow can be carefully adjusted via the LCD controller.

Velda T-Flow Tronic 05

Velda T-Flow Tronic 05 £179.99
Blanket weed is a common pond menace. This invasive weed can make your pond look unsightly and can block up pumps and filters. T-Flow is the ultimate permanent cure for Blanket Weed.
The Velda T- Tronic introduces copper ions into the pond water to stop the formation of Blanket Weed and Algae. This technology is the same
as that used to stop bottled water going green on the supermarket shelves. The unit should be connected into the hose between your pump and filter.
A mains power weatherproof control unit is attached to it and this can
be used to electronically change the settings to suit your pond’s conditions.