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New products at Harrod Horticultural

by John - May 29th, 2017.
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Harrod Horticultural has this new product today

Spider Mite Killer Sachets

Spider Mite Killer Sachets £9.95
A Sachet Containing 250 Hungry Predators (amblyseius Sp.) Is The Very Last Thing Any Spider Mites Lurking In Your Greenhouse Would Want To See And Introducing Our Spider Mite Killer Sachets Will Help Give You The Biological Control Edge In The Season Long Battle Against Red Spider Mite, Two-spotted Spider Mite, Fruit-tree Red Spider Mite And Russet Mites; In Fact, This Voracious Predator Will Even Dine On Thrips. the Indoor Sachets Can Help Achieve Early Treatment And Control Of Red Spider Mite In Temperatures As Low As 12c, Keeping Your Cucumbers, Peppers, Tomatoes, Strawberries And Ornamental Plants Safe And Avoiding The Tell-tale Yellowing Foliage And Webbing Associated With Spider Mite Infestations. Introduce Teh Spider Mite Killer Sachets At The First Sign Of Mite Colonies. to Get Best Results From Your Spider Mite Killer Sachets, Do Not Introduce Until The First Signs Of Spider Mite. please Note : This Live Product Is Despatched To Uk Addresses Only!each Spider Mite Killer Sachet Contains 250 Amblyseius Sp. Predatorspredator Will Feed On Many Species Of Spider Miteswill Also Devour Thrips, Cyclamen Mite And Otherssachets Are Suitable For Indoor Useonly Introduce Sachets Once Spider Mite Presence Can Be Seenhang Sachets Immediately On Receiptsachets Can Be Stored For A Short Time At Room Temperature And Out Of Direct Sunlightsimply Hang Up In Greenhouseeach Sachet Produces Many Hundreds Of Predators And Can Last For 2-4 Weeksselect Between 15 Or 25 Sachetsspider Mite Sachets Are Water Resistant So Will Tolerate Irrigationpredator Active Between 12c And 40cuse As Early As January In Partially Heated Greenhousesachets Allow Controlled Release Of Predatorsstore At 10-15c And Use Within 18 Hours Of Receipthang Each Sachet 2 To 4m Apartideal Spider Mite Control For Greenhouse Plants And Ornamental Flowersstorage After Receipt: 1-2 Days Or Use Within 2 Days From Receiptstorage Temperature: 17-20oc / 63-68ofstore In