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New products at PondKeeper

by John - June 9th, 2017.
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New products at PondKeeper

Evolution Aqua EazyPod Air UV (complete) AUTO

Evolution Aqua EazyPod Air UV (complete) AUTO £694.99
Popular koi filter.

Evolution Aqua EazyPod Air AUTO

Evolution Aqua EazyPod Air AUTO £644.99
The EazyPod has long been the choice of filter for many pondkeepers.
This model comes complete with air pump and ‘auto-kit’.
The auto kit automates cleaning without you having to be involved in the process itself.

PondXpert UltraFlow Pump 16000

PondXpert UltraFlow Pump 16000 £184.99
This pond pump boasts market-leading features and the latest eco-motor operating at just 155 watts – a product that is great for your pond yet easy on your wallet!
With a maximum flow of 16000 lph this pond pump is perfect for ponds up to 32,000 litres.
Hook this pump up to a filter and/or waterfall for spectacular effects.

PondXpert UltraFlow Pump 14000

PondXpert UltraFlow Pump 14000 £169.99
This powerful pump will provide a maximum flow of 14,000lph yet costs only 120 watts to run. It features all the ‘bells and whistles’ available on much more expensive counterparts yet can be yours for a cut-price £169.99.

PondXpert UltraFlow Pump 12000

PondXpert UltraFlow Pump 12000 £159.99
Powerful, large pond pump perfect for powering waterfalls and/or pond filter systems. Maximum flow rate of 12,000lph suitable for ponds sized up to 24,000 Litres.
We can’t spot a weakness in this new pump. It boast the latest eco-motor with running costs of just 100 watts yet can produce significant levels of ‘back pressure’ to pump water to a maximum height of 6 metres.

PondXpert UltraFlow Pump 10000

PondXpert UltraFlow Pump 10000 £149.99
This powerful pond pump can create a maximum flow of 10,000 litres per hour. This equates to being suitable for powering a pond filter system for ponds up to 20,000 litres.
Based on the latest technology available the pump is perfect for running 24/7 yet has running costs of just 80 watts.

PondXpert UltraFlow Pump 8000

PondXpert UltraFlow Pump 8000 £129.99
This brand new pump promises to be a bestseller. It provides powerful flow and offers class-leading features and all at a great low price.
This pump can provide a maximum flow rate of 8000 litres per hour meaning it is suitable for large ponds up to 16,000 litres in volume.
The pump provides a powerful reliable flow yet requires just 70 watts to run due to class-leading motor technology.

PondXpert UltraFlow Pump 7000

PondXpert UltraFlow Pump 7000 £119.99
This pond filter pump is perfect for serving ponds up to 14,000 litres per hour. It is designed to ru 24/7 to create waterfalls and/or power pond filter systems.
This pump is ‘solids-handling’ which means it can pull solid matter (up to 6mm in size) through the impellor.
Despite it’s impressive features the pump boasts the latest 50 watt eco-motor for low running costs.

PondXpert UltraFlow Pump 6000

PondXpert UltraFlow Pump 6000 £109.99
This pond pump is perfect for creating a waterfall and/or running a pond filter system. It can produce a maximum flow of 6000 LPH and is suitable for ponds sized up to 12,000 litres.
As well as a whole host of top features this pump only requires 40 watts to run – a real saving on your running costs that you will definitely enjoy!