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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - August 12th, 2017.
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New product at Dobies

Autumn Bulb Bumper Pack

Autumn Bulb Bumper Pack £50.00
A selection of autumn flowering bulbs you can look forward to, giving a fresh and vibrant display as the days shorten and summer flowers begin to fade. Pack contains the following varieties:Colchicum – Ideal for naturalising in the garden, producing huge bare-stemmed flowers in autumn. Also fun to grow in shallow container indoors (no soil required). Flowers September-November. Height up to 30cm. Pack of 8.Crocus Saffron sativus – Saffron Crocus, as its name suggests, the flower from which we gather saffron. It’s easy to harvest the saffron, but it’s not vital you do so – you may just wish to enjoy the lovely autumn flowers! Bulb size 8/9cm. Pack of 60.Crocus Saffron cartwrightianus albus – The white version of Saffron Crocus a lovely autumn flower to enjoy. Bulb size 7+cm. Pack of 10.Cyclamen – Hardy plants that will thrive in borders or containers, in full or dappled shade. Flowers autumn to spring. Height 15-25cm. Bulb size 13/15cm. Pack of 6.Oxalis – Mat-forming perennials with hairy leaves and funnel-shaped flowers in late summer and early autumn. Bulb size 1. Pack of 15.Sternbergia lutea – Delightful golden-yellow, crocus-like blooms. Ideal for naturalising. Flowers September-November. Height 10-15cm. Bulb size 8/10cm. Pack of 10.