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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - August 12th, 2017.
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New items today at Suttons Seeds

Fruit Press (12 Litre)

Fruit Press (12 Litre) £120.00
Ideal for pressing apples, grapes and other fruit, our spindle presses combine superb quality with excellent value, and are very easy to use. Just fill the cage with crushed fruit, assemble the two semi-circular pressing plates and the large iron nut on top, and use the wooden bar to screw down, the delicious juice flows into the base plate for collection. The press cage is made from fashioned oak staves, the pressure plates and space blocks from beech, all seasoned and coated with food compatible varnish. It has a robust, pressed steel base plate with lip to aid pouring, with wide-set pressed steel legs for stability, and all the pressed steel is protected by a tough baked-on polyester coating for longevity. Easy home assembly. Complete with instruction booklet and fruit net.12 Litre: Holds 24 lbs of apples, giving a juice yield of up to 4.5 litres (8 pints). Height 57cm (22), cage diameter 27cm (22), overall diameter 37cm (14), weight 122kg (22 lbs).

Autumn Bulb Bumper Pack

Autumn Bulb Bumper Pack £50.00
A selection of autumn flowering bulbs you can look forward to, giving a fresh and vibrant display as the days shorten and summer flowers begin to fade. Pack contains the following varieties:Colchicum – Ideal for naturalising in the garden, producing huge bare-stemmed flowers in autumn. Also fun to grow in shallow container indoors (no soil required). Flowers September-November. Height up to 30cm. Pack of 8.Crocus Saffron sativus – Saffron Crocus, as its name suggests, the flower from which we gather saffron. It’s easy to harvest the saffron, but it’s not vital you do so – you may just wish to enjoy the lovely autumn flowers! Bulb size 8/9cm. Pack of 60.Crocus Saffron cartwrightianus albus – The white version of Saffron Crocus a lovely autumn flower to enjoy. Bulb size 7+cm. Pack of 10.Cyclamen – Hardy plants that will thrive in borders or containers, in full or dappled shade. Flowers autumn to spring. Height 15-25cm. Bulb size 13/15cm. Pack of 6.Oxalis – Mat-forming perennials with hairy leaves and funnel-shaped flowers in late summer and early autumn. Bulb size 1. Pack of 15.Sternbergia lutea – Delightful golden-yellow, crocus-like blooms. Ideal for naturalising. Flowers September-November. Height 10-15cm. Bulb size 8/10cm. Pack of 10.