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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - October 10th, 2017.
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New products added today at Suttons Seeds

Agastache Plants - Liquorice

Agastache Plants – Liquorice £9.99
This first-class variety produces attractive, upright spikes of hooded rose-purple blooms that are a magnet for bees and butterflies. Flowers June-September. Height 60cm (24). Middle of border variety.

Silene Plants - Starry Dreams

Silene Plants – Starry Dreams £9.99
A fully hardy perennial bearing masses of small, star-shaped, upward-facing white flowers, set off against fresh green foliage. Flowers July-October. Height 10-20cm (4-8). Front of border variety.

Coreopsis Plants - Early Sunrise

Coreopsis Plants – Early Sunrise £9.99
A superb perennial which will flower in its first year, producing a beautiful display of golden-yellow, semi-double blooms. Flowers July-October. Height 60cm (24). Middle of border variety.

Delphinium Plants - Magic Fountains

Delphinium Plants – Magic Fountains £9.99
A vigorous-growing mix which will produce sturdy spikes of classic delphinium blooms. Ideal for borders or even a large container on the patio. Flowers June-August. Height 75-90cm (2-3′). Back of border variety.

Digitalis Plants - Dalmatian

Digitalis Plants – Dalmatian £9.99
Uniform in height and early flowering. Plants are nicely branched, with compact foliage, and colours including purple, cream, white, and rose. Flowers May-July. Height 40-50cm (16-20). Middle of border variety.

Echinacea Plants - Paradiso

Echinacea Plants – Paradiso £9.99
A unique blend of colours and flower forms, including varieties with upright, spooned or reflexed petals. Ideal for cutting and drying. Flowers July-September. Height 75cm (30). Back of border variety.

Knautia Plants - Melton Pastels

Knautia Plants – Melton Pastels £9.99
Provides a long succession of colour, producing masses of large flowers in a mix of subtle shades, held above bushy clumps of mid green leaves. May produce some blooms in its first year. Flowers late May-September. Height 90cm (3′). Back of border variety.

Lavender Plants - angustifolia Hidcote

Lavender Plants – angustifolia Hidcote £9.99
A compact variety of the popular English lavender. Hang bunches of flowers to dry and use it in pot-pourri indoors. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Flowers July-September (yr 2). Height 60cm (24). Middle of border variety.

Lobelia Plants - Queen Victoria

Lobelia Plants – Queen Victoria £9.99
Turn up the heat in borders with Queen Victoria’s scarlet red flowers, which are set off to perfection against deep bronze foliage. It makes a lovely cut flower too. Flowers July-August. Height 75cm (30). Back of border variety.