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Price reductions at Jersey Plants Direct

by Sarah - October 10th, 2017.
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Jersey Plants Direct has cut the price of these items

Pennisetum Fireworks 1 Plant 9cm Pot

Pennisetum Fireworks 1 Plant 9cm Pot was £9.99 now £5.99
The Worlds First Variegated Purple Fountain GrassA showy variety, Pennisetum Fireworks is the World’s First purple variegated grass. It has arching deep burgundy-purple leaves flanked by hot pink margins, which is accompanied by red-burgundy bottlebrush flowers in late Summer, which will age to a tan shade. A great accent plant for your beds and borders and also a perfect choice for your patio pots.

Pennisetum Fireworks 3 x 9cm Pots

Pennisetum Fireworks 3 x 9cm Pots was £19.98 now £9.99
The World’s First Variegated Fountain Grass!Pennisetum Fireworks (Fountain Grass) is an easy to grow, low maintenance Perennial which is perfect for use as an architectural plant in your borders or patio pots. From late Summer to Autumn, purple flower spikes will rise proudly above the arching burgundy foliage. A great all year round feature plant for your Garden, a really good choice for continued colour.