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Price reductions at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - April 14th, 2018.
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Price reduction at Suttons Seeds

The Great Sunflower Race

The Great Sunflower Race was £4.75 now £2.99
Join the great sunflower race, it’s great fun for all the family! Who can grow the tallest flower in…Just choose your seeds, note your sowing date and the race is on! Use the tape measure included to find out how fast your sunflowers are growing. Inside the packet you’ll find plenty of seeds for you and your opponent to start the race! Plus a free tape measure to see how tall your sunflowers are growing!See your flowers: July-September. Sunflower Tall Single – average height 2.1-2.4m (7-8′) – but we bet you can do better!FUN FACTS- As I grow, I bend to track the movement of the sun across the sky.However when my flower is fully open I generally face the east. Dont know why, I just do! If you look closely at my flower head. Can you see? It isnt one flower but hundreds of little ones that look like one big one from a distance great for attracting butterflies and bees. You can eat my seeds when they are ripe or leave them to attract wild birds into your garden. Today farmers grow fields and fields of me and collect oil from my seeds. This is used for cooking and putting in racing car engines.DID YOU KNOW? – I originally came from America where Indians used my petals to make dyes for cloth. I am a sun worshipper watch carefully and you will see me turn my body to keep my face towards the sun. The tallest recorded Sunflower was grown in Holland and measured 7.62m (25′)! The largest Sunflower head was grown in California and measured over 81cm (32)! Sunflowers can grow up to 23cm (9) a day in ideal conditions WOW!!What your child can learn? Your child will learn elements of the National Curriculum including seed germination and plant growth.(WARNING: NOT SUITABLE For children UNDER 3 YEARS DUE TO SMALL PARTS. adult supervision recommended. THIS IS NOT A TOY.)