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Grow your own mushrooms

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Wriggle Wrigglers have some great grow your own mushroom offers.

Oyster Mushroom Log, Single

Oyster Mushroom Log, Single £19.95
The name refers to the shape of the cap which resembles an oyster and the flavour resemblance. The colour may range from white to gray or tan to dark-brown; margin inrolled when young, smooth and often somewhat lobed or wavy.

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Wild thyme

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Fantastic value wild thyme at Wriggle Wrigglers

Wild Thyme, 3 Plants in 90mm Pots

Wild Thyme, 3 Plants in 90mm Pots £9.00
Famously used in all sorts of cooking: with meat dishes, chicken stuffing and an addition to any mushroom dish. Our native wild thyme is mild in flavour, so use lavishly. Also a good plant to grow around paving, the spreading stems are crushed and fill the air with their scent, lovely! These native wild herbs provide a more subtle flavour than commercially available alternatives.

Edible hedging

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Wriggle Wrigglers has this amazing edible hedging pack available in three sizes. They sell the individual items too.

Edible Hedge Pack, Small

Edible Hedge Pack, Small £33.50
Foraging is a good way of enjoying food for free, but all too often you find yourself struggling to reach the best fruit or dodging traffic down narrow country lanes. Wouldn’t it be nice to just pop out into the back garden and pick some wild berries and nuts? Here on the farm, we’re used to being able to pop out and harvest food for free – whether we fancy a few mushrooms, nuts or some fruit, there is an abundance of free food available on our doorstep. Now you too could enjoy your own crop of ‘Wild Food’ with this Edible Hedge Pack.

The plants you’ll receive include: Blackthorn (for Sloe Gin) , Crab Apple (for jelly), Cherry Plum (for jam), Dog Rose (for Rosehip syrup), Elderberry (for delicious cordial from the flowers in spring), Hazel (for Nuts), Wild Pear (for jams, liqueurs and syrups),

Small Pack 25 mixed plants for 3-4m of hedge
Medium Pack 50 mixed plants for 6-8m of hedge
Large Pack 100 mixed plants for 13-15m of hedge

Keeping chickens

Monday, March 19th, 2012

You’ll need some room for a run, plenty of time and a nice chicken house!
Wriggle Wrigglers just added these new items

Chicken House and Run Bundle, 12 Bird Size

Chicken House and Run Bundle, 12 Bird Size £514.00
Save money with these bundle deals! Buy the 6 bird House and the short Run together and save £15.00, or buy the 12 bird House and the long Run together and save £20.00.

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Slug help!

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Don’t let slugs snaffle all your veggies! Get them sorted!

Wriggle Wrigglers have this selection of slug products to help you get rid of slugs.
If you can bear to share a can of beer with them it’ll make the most effective trap every. Pour a container partly full of beer and leave in your garden. It won’t hurt birds and the slugs will climb in, get drunk and drown!

The Little Book of Slugs, by A. Shepherd and S. Galant

The Little Book of Slugs, by A. Shepherd and S. Galant £5.00
Slugs, no other garden pest engenders such loathing… ugly, slimy and secretive! The only things worse than slugs are slug pellets. So what’s the thinking gardener to do? Wales’ Centre for Alternative Technology has over 20 years experience of organic slug control techniques and this ‘Little Book’ introduces 70 ways to getting a stress-free, slug-free garden. 119 black and white pages.

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Green manures

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Wriggle Wrigglers have these green manures.

Don’t leave soil bare as wind and rain can erode the soil. Plant green manure and either dig in or leave the plants to break down! Fantastic ways of helping the soil.

Green Manure Alfalfa, Pack

Green Manure Alfalfa, Pack £4.85
Grow for a just a few months or a year or two. Deep rooting. Winter hardy. Fixes nitrogen. Sow April to July. Covers approximately 45 square metres.

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Duck nest box

Monday, February 20th, 2012

I quite fancy keeping ducks!

This duck nest box is available now at Wriggle Wrigglers

Duck Nest Box, Large

Duck Nest Box, Large £48.25
Our porch style duck box is sub-divided inside with a roomy nesting area to the left, accessible via an entrance from the ‘porch’ on the right of the box. The lid can be raised to give clear access to the interior. The box is mounted on tanalized bearers to keep the floor of the box clear of the ground and the whole exterior is coated with a non-toxic preservative. (330 x 460 x 330mm for shellducks etc).

Bulk chicken food

Monday, February 20th, 2012

keep chickens? Get good prices on chicken feed!

New items at Wriggle Wrigglers

Oyster Grit, 6kg bag

Oyster Grit, 6kg bag £9.90
If there’s one thing that birds don’t get from eating clean, graded food from a birdtable it’s all that dirt and grit that they pick up from foraging in the wild. This finely ground grit helps put that back into their diet. Just mix a little into the food you offer: a little goes a long way and helps them digest their food. The grit helps grind down the food the hens eat because as you may well know, chickens don’t have teeth. Hens also need enough calcium in their diet to form the shells on their eggs. Lack of calcium = soft shelled eggs. Provide oyster grit in their pen or put some in a small food bowl. This will help them lay hard-shelled eggs and is an essential part of their diet.

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keep Chickens – chicken houses

Monday, February 20th, 2012

Fantastic chicken houses at Wriggle Wrigglers

Chicken Run, 1.5 metre length

Chicken Run, 1.5 metre length £144.00
Strongly constructed from Tanalised timber and mesh. Available in two lengths. Short Run approximate length 1.5 metres Long Run approximate length 3 metres

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Apple peeler and corer – one of Stephen Fry’s favourite gadgets

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Apple Peeler, Corer and SlicerApple peeler from Wiggly Wigglers

Just turn the handle and it peels, cores and slices the apples.

This Apple Peeler, Corer and Slicer makes short work of sorting out your apple harvest! Aim for total processing in under 15 seconds per apple. What better way is there to encourage you and your family to enjoy an apple a day?
Even better, there’s no machine noise and you can really get going preparing apples for pies, apple sauce and for freezing or dehydrating.
You can even use it to peel pears and potatoes, provided they are more round than knobbly.
Stainless steel with rubber base and screw clamp fixing.