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Garden Bargains

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Garden Bargains

If you’ve ever wanted to grow your own but been frightened to try then garden bargains can really help you on the way. They have seasonal advice on their website, great offers and such a fun range of plants – both fruit, veg and flowers that you’ll find something exciting there!
It’s easy to shop online with Garden Bargains and with plants like rhubarb and blackcurrant bushes you’ll find that growing some of your own fruit and veg is easier than you think. Great value products and lots of video help for you!

Fantastic online gardening store with loads of amazing offers

Sweet Potato Plug Plant x 12
Orange & Lemon 3L With Delux Plant Cover
Snowdrops – 100 Single & 50 Double
Phoenix ‘Canariensis’ 5L – (150cm)
Christmas Rose Collection – 10 Plants
Oleander Bush Collection – 4 Plants
Lily Bulbs ‘Sky-scraper’ x 15 Bulbs
Flowering Cherry Collection – 3 Trees
Mini-Orchard Collection with Free Cherry
Rhubarb ‘Ultimate’ Collection
Blackberry ‘Reuben’ 9cm Pot
Orchid ‘Dendrobium nobilee’ Ceramic Pot
Hawaiian Palm 13cm
2 Potato Grow Pod Kit – Red Magic & Charlotte

Growing sweet potatoes

Monday, July 6th, 2009

I’d asked earlier in the year about whether anyone had grown sweet potatoes and no one had recently, but I’d not seen anywhere selling them so I’d forgotten all about wanting to grow some.
should have some though! And they have sacks to grow them in to make it even easier, so you can grow them on your patio.
Sweet potatoes are lovely! They’re not that hard to grow, but you don’t plant tubers, you’ve got to plant special plantlets that are offcuts grown off the tubers but using a high starter temperature and humity – not something easy to do at home apparently Once the plants have started though they will grow very easily. They want to be in the warmest part of your garden but don’t forget to water them. This variety is Beauregard improved and is designed to grow in the UK. Should crop in 100 days. You put 5-6″ of compost in the bottom of the special bags and then plant in the tubers (3 per bag) and then you top up the compost always keeping the foliage above the compost level. Once you’re at the top of the bag you can move the bags to a sunny spot and keep watering them regularly. You can easily grow 30lbs of sweet potatoes using this kit. It’s brilliant! If you’re as big a fan of sweet potatoes as I am you’ll enjoy growing this in your garden!