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Garden ready plants

by Sarah - January 29th, 2010.
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Jersey Plants Direct Garden Ready Plants

If you would like easy plants, and garden ready plants are probably what you should pick. They’re ready to go straight out into the garden, without requiring any extra care of being grown on the greenhouse, cold frame or conservatory. They are more expensive, but require a lot less work, and for some people this is a compromise to prepare to make. Plants like Geramium need to be planted in full sun. Others are less fussy and can be planted in partial shade. To get the most from your plants feed their planting instructions carefully. For instance you shouldn’t plant geraniums out until the risk of frost has passed, and this varies according to where you live.

Impatiens is a lovely bedding plants with a wide range of colours including lots of shades of pink, from salmon to lavender to an almost orange colour. They are very pretty and have a height and spread of about 20 cm. They are good in the garden border or in containers.

Pansies are also buried pretty and the “can can” variety has ruffled petals with many different colours within the mix. These of plants will flower from April until October. And they are happy in shade or full sun. They look excellent in containers as well as beds and borders.

Gazania is a lovely bright plants, it requires full sun and is quite drought tolerant. It will flower from May until the first frosts. Ideal for tubs or the garden, it’s in bright colours like oranges, reds, yellow and white.