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New products at Unwins Seeds and Plants

by Sarah - January 29th, 2010.
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New products added today at Unwins Seeds & Plants

Tomato Celine Seeds (Gro-sure)
Tomato Celine Seeds (Gro-sure) £4.99
This deep red firm plum tomato is ideal for cooking. Celine is a greenhouse variety and has good disease resistance to many common tomato problems including blossom-end rot.

Tomato Pannavoy Seeds (Gro-sure)
Tomato Pannavoy Seeds (Gro-sure) £4.99
Pannovy is an excellent cordon-type tomato. Vigorous and high yielding it will produce an abundance of smooth bright red fruit. Suitable for all soil types Pannovy can be grown in the greenhouse or outdoors.
Tomato Macarena Seeds (Gro-sure)
Tomato Macarena Seeds (Gro-sure) £4.99
Tomato Belle is a beefsteak variety that will produce a high yield of superb quality fruit. With resistances to Tomato Mosaic Virus and Fusarium Belle is a good all round performer that will grow well both in the greenhouse and outdoors.
Cabbage Kilazol Seeds (Gro-sure)
Cabbage Kilazol Seeds (Gro-sure) £3.99
For autumn harvest Cabbage Kilazol has been bred for improved resistance to Clubroot. A high yielding variety that stores well and has a long harvest period.
Marigold African Moonstruck Orange
Marigold African Moonstruck Orange £3.99
Moonstruck’s glorious orange full double blooms make for a striking summer display of longer lasting colour. Marigolds are perfect for bedding edging or pots and attract a host of beneficial insects into the garden.
Cucumber Saladin Seeds (Gro-sure)
Cucumber Saladin Seeds (Gro-sure) £3.99
High quality fruit up to 35cm (14in) long with a crisp flavour. Saladin is a classic variety well suited to greenhouse growing.
Cucumber Bangkok Seeds (Gro-sure)
Cucumber Bangkok Seeds (Gro-sure) £3.99
With good resistance to powdery mildew this all female flowering variety produces a high yield of attractive slightly ribbed dark green fruit which are 16-18cm in length and taste delicious.
Courgette Mikonos Seeds (Gro-sure)
Courgette Mikonos Seeds (Gro-sure) £3.99
Shiny medium-green courgettes are produced in abundance from this reliable plant with very high levels of disease resistance. Delicious in stir fries and salads.
Courgette Brice Seeds (Gro-sure)
Courgette Brice Seeds (Gro-sure) £3.99
Bearing round green fruit with large white freckles Brice is an excellent courgette for the garden. The high yields are of fantastic quality and plants have high levels of disease resistance.


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