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Perfect lawn

by Sarah - February 11th, 2011.
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If your lawn is dry, brown and riddled with weeds you may think it is beyond help and that your only remaining option is to re-turf. Before you rush to the garden centre to place a turf order, Steve Welch, technical expert from leading lawn care service TruGreen has some advice that might save you spending a small packet. Steve says that with a little time and a few simple rules you can transform even the most unloved lawn into a lush green carpet.


· Aerate your lawn, to ensure good drainage; it will also help the grass plant take nutrients from the soil.

· Treat any weeds in the early summer before they become established.

· Seed any bare patches of lawn in the late spring if possible or early summer.

· Apply fertiliser to improve the health and appearance of your lawn.

· Make sure your mower has been serviced and that the blades have been sharpened.

· Mow your lawn regularly, little and often is best.

· Water your lawn either in the early morning or evening during the cooler parts of the day.

· Use a sprinkler where possible as this will allow for an even distribution of water.

· Consider using growth regulators and wetting agents as these will help to maintain the quality of your lawn during hot weather.


· Mow the grass too short; try to maintain the height at 1 inch/25 mm.

· Leave it too long between mows, a little and often is best.

· Mow in the same direction every time, alternating the direction of the cut will aid the lawn aesthetics and grass quality.

· Over water, check your lawn for moisture before watering.

· Lie on or cover the lawn for long periods during hot weather as this will produce extreme temperatures which will burn the grass plant.

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