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begonia bulbs free delivery

by Sarah - January 28th, 2012.
Filed under: Jersey Plants.

Free delivery on all these begonia bulbs at Jersey plants direct

Jersey Plants Direct have a good range of begonia bulbs.
How do you know which way up to plant begonia tubers? Look for the remains of last years growths – they’ll be pointing upwards.
Where can I start them off if I don’t have a greenhouse?
You need to keep them frost free! This is important as they will be badly damaged by frost. A cool room will do – as long as it doesn’t get frosty.

If you live in the southern end of the UK then you might get away with leaving them in the ground – plant a bit deeper than you would normally and then let them grow all summer. As they start to die back you need to mulch the surface to give more protecting from frost. You should put slug pellets down in the spring to stop the monsters eating the tender new shoots as they come up. A couple of inches of wood bark mulch would be perfect and also helps suppress weeds in your beds. Some people might want to use straw but this can look more untidy.

Do not plant out plants you have been growing indoors until you have hardened them off and the risk of frost has passed.

Begonia Cascade Pendula 6 Bulbs

Begonia Cascade Pendula 6 Bulbs £7.99
Bright and colourful Begonia Cascade PendulaThis beautiful Begonia Cascade Pendula provides a bright multicoloured mix for any garden! Perfect for a bright hanging basket.

Begonia Champagne 6 bulbs

Begonia Champagne 6 bulbs £12.99
Beautiful blooming Begonia ChampagneThese marvellous Begonia Champagne will add a touch of class to your garden with their beautiful, bright blooms.

Begonia Crispa Marginata 6 Bulbs

Begonia Crispa Marginata 6 Bulbs £7.99
Large single flowered Begonia Crispa MarginataThis jazzy Begonia has large single, bicolour flowers with charming ruffled petals. The flowers are white or yellow with a bold red edge.

Begonia Double 12 Bulbs

Begonia Double 12 Bulbs £7.99
Vibrant and Bright double BegoniasA selection of the double flowering, blooms in bright, vibrant colours

Begonia Fimbriata 6 Bulbs

Begonia Fimbriata 6 Bulbs £7.99
Large double ruffled flowers – ‘Carnation Begonias’Begonia Fimbriata have large double ruffled flowers and are often called ‘Carnation Begonias’ because of the resemblance to Carnations. They come in a bold mix of colours and will brighten garden all summer!

Begonia Gold & Pink 6 Bulbs

Begonia Gold & Pink 6 Bulbs £7.99
Double flowering ideal for hanging basketsDouble flowering Begonias with unique bicolour shades of gold and pink from the same plant. Great for hanging baskets.

Begonia Mixed 12 Bulbs

Begonia Mixed 12 Bulbs £7.99
Mixed variety non stop begoniasThis variety includes double flowering picotee and pendula Begonias all together in one collection.

Begonia Ordorata Angelique 6 bulbs

Begonia Ordorata Angelique 6 bulbs £9.99
Beautifully scented Begonia Ordorata AngeliqueThis beautiful Begonia Ordorata Angelique boasts delightful scented white and pink blooms which will add a delightfully fragrant touch to your summer garden.

Begonia Ordorata Mix 6 bulbs

Begonia Ordorata Mix 6 bulbs £9.99
Beautiful scented Begonia Ordorata mixA charming mix of reds, whites and pinks in this superb Begonia Ordorata mix. Ideal for Hanging Baskets.