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Growing radishes

by Diane - March 13th, 2013.
Filed under: Thompson and Morgan.

There are many types of radish available. They are quick and easy to grow. You can use them as row markers for other slower to germinate seeds. They can be harvested in just a few weeks.
Buy a mix or just one type. They look very pretty and add texture and taste to salads. Slice, grate or eat whole!
You can use them for decorating too – just thin slices into them and they open out when soaked in cold water.

Chinese Radish ‘China Rose’ – 1 packet (500 seeds)
A traditional ‘winter’ variety for sowing in late June and July to harvest and store for winter use in salads. ‘ Chinese Radish China Rose has quite long, tapering roots of carmine skin and pure white, crisp pungent flesh. ‘

Chinese Radish ‘Dragon’ F1 Hybrid – 1 packet (80 seeds)
Quicker maturing and with a slightly milder taste than Radish ‘China Rose’. ‘ Earliest sowings of Radish ‘Dragon’ are ready in 50 days whilst later sowings provide delicious ‘winter radishes’. ‘ Fully winter hardy, producing smooth, pinky-red skinned roots that are superb sliced in salads and stir fries. ‘ Height and spread: 15cm (6"). ‘

Mooli Radish ‘Neptune’ F1 Hybrid – 1 packet (100 seeds)
A popular autumn/winter maturing ‘mooli’ producing pure white, crisp fleshed, mild flavoured 25cm (10in) long roots. ‘ Mooli Radish Neptune has excellent bolt resistance and winter hardiness and stands well in good condition over a long period. ‘ Prefers a well-drained, rich fertile soil. ‘

Radish ‘Amethyst’ – 1 packet (300 seeds)
Raphanus sativus. ‘ Shiny purple skinned round roots with crisp white flesh. ‘ The roots of Radish Amethyst are slow to go pithy and have strong tops for easier pulling. ‘ Ideal for containers. ‘Sow regularly for continuous succulent roots throughout the summer. ‘

Radish ‘Candela di Fuoco’ – Vita Sementi® Italian Seeds – 1 packet (1800 seeds)
Long, tapering, red-skinned roots with crisp white flesh. ‘ Radish Ravanello Il Candela di Fuoco is succulent and quick maturing. ‘ An essential ingredient for the salad. ‘

Radish ‘Cherry Belle’ – 1 packet (800 seeds)
Bright red skin and crisp, sweet and succulent mildly flavoured white flesh. ‘ Radish Cherry Belle is early, very fast maturing, and very slow to go woody. ‘

Radish ‘Flamboyant 3’ – 1 packet (400 seeds)
High quality half-long, cylindrical radishes with a white tip. ‘ When you bite into Radish Flamboyant 3, the first reaction is “wow!”. ‘ The flavour really is refreshingly strong, crisp and clean. ‘ It’s just what the summer salads needs. ‘

Radish ‘French Breakfast 3’ – RHS Garden Explorers Children’s Seeds – 1 packet (500 seeds)
I am a crunchy, tasty, bright red radish ideal for a tangy snack or with your favourite salad. ‘ I’m quick and easy to grow outdoors in the soil or in small pots and windowboxes. ‘

Radish ‘Mirabeau’ – 1 packet (250 seeds)
The cylindrical, pale red roots with small white tips make Radish Mirabeau a most attractive bunching radish. ‘ Radish Mirabeau seeds are excellent for both early sowings under glass as well as for maincrop outdoor sowings. ‘ Crunchy delight for salads. ‘ Radish Mirabeau has an RHS Award of Garden Merit and was recently voted Garden Which? Best Buy. ‘

Radish ‘Poloneza’ – Heritage – 1 packet (500 seeds)
Radish ‘Poloneza’ produces attractive round, red-skinned roots with a white splash at the root end, similar to Radish ‘Sparkler’. ‘ The mild, crisp, white or pink tinged flesh is free from pithiness and makes an attractive addition to radish salads. ‘ This quick growing summer radish resists bolting and is suitable for earlier sowings under glass as well as outdoors. ‘ Height: 15cm (6"). ‘ Spread: 10cm (4"). ‘

Radish ‘Rainbow Mixed’ – 1 packet (500 seeds)
T&M has hand selected this visually stunning array of coloured skinned radishes all with crisp, white, delicious flesh. ‘ Radish Rainbow Mixed have round to plum shaped roots with white, purple, red, white and red, or a stunning gold skin, to add colour to your summer salads or sandwiches. ‘ Summer sowings grow quickly and will be ready to harvest in 28 days. ‘

Radish ‘Rougette’ – 1 packet (300 seeds)
Quick maturing, bright red, round roots with succulent flesh. ‘ Short tops, so Radish Rougette can be grown under glass or in frames for the earliest dish of the season. ‘ Radish Rougette is ideal for successional sowings throughout the spring and summer months. ‘

Radish ‘Rudi’ – 1 packet (300 seeds)
Dark red, good coloured round roots with crisp, gently pungent flesh which is slow to turn ‘pithy’. ‘ Radish Rudi is suitable for outdoor crops or for forcing under glass or in frames for even earlier crops. ‘ Radish Rudi is a versatile, easy to grow salad crop. ‘ Prefers a moist, well-drained soil in full sun. ‘ Harvest almost all year round. ‘ Seeds are in the RHS Vegetable Collection. ‘

Radish ‘Rudolf’ – Duchy Originals Organic Seeds – 1 packet (200 seeds)
Radish Rudolf is quick growing, with good coloured roots and crisp white flesh. ‘

Radish ‘Stela’ – SowStrong® Collection – 1 packet (400 seeds)
Bright red skinned, round, roots with crisp, succulent white flesh which has a good resistance against ‘pithiness’. ‘ Stela is suitable for forcing for early crops and sowing successionally outdoors throughout the summer. ‘

Radish ‘Vienna’ F1 Hybrid – 1 packet (350 seeds)
A giant amongst summer radish. ‘ Radish Vienna produces large, golf ball sized roots with pure white flesh which remain firm, juicy and crisp with a spicy flavour, but have no sign of pithiness or bitter after taste. ‘ Ideal for successional sowing. ‘